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I’ve gotten LOADS of emails about Wandering Aimfully and Teachery lately. Probably because they’re doing their enrollment drive this week.

I wanted to do a proper review because I use Teachery, I’ve gotten MASSIVE VALUE out of WAIM {Teachery is actually a part of WAIM}, and I’m a happy affiliate for this program.

And while I don’t have as much time as I’d like to do a full review, implementation, etc., I can share some thoughts. 

I also thought I’d address some of the questions I get about Wandering Aimfully and Teachery.

Want to skip the chit chat?

Get LIFETIME access to Teachery as part of the Wandering Aimfully Program.

First, what is Wandering Aimfully?

WAIM Unlimited is an un-boring coaching program for intentional online business owners created by Caroline and Jason Zook. They host monthly training sessions on everything you need to build a sustainable, profitable online business. 

Their Spring enrollment is open right now until April 4, so if you’re interested, learn more about the program here!

But the best part about WAIM is not just the on-demand courses and ongoing coaching you get access to for LIFE…in my opinion, it’s that we get LIFETIME ACCESS {including updates} to TEACHERY!

I create cool stuff like this with Teachery. My new bonus is NOT a course! It's a collection of resources all in one convenient place.

What is Teachery?

My newest resource is a free report and a course called How to Make Passive Income Selling Journals, Planners and Workbooks on Amazon...in 5 EASY Steps!

It’s a super-easy-to-use course platform but I use it for SO MUCH MORE than that!

I’ve hosted all kinds of content like one-off videos, mini-workshops, bonuses, documents, and more using this platform. 

I’ve created over 30 courses, workshops, bonuses, and trainings with Teachery!

The bonus I’m creating for How to Draw Books Generator is going to be a MEGA BONUS PACK HUB that my people can access on-demand and get all kinds of goodies…all hosted in a private area you can access whenever and wherever right in Teachery. 

Not to mention you can create the most beautiful courses!

There’s So Much More, Though – Courses, Coaching, and a Community…Oh, MY!

You get access to on-demand mini-courses like Make 500 with a Mini Course

You also get access to monthly coaching, a private community, and on-demand courses that help you build your online business.

One course, in particular – Build Without Burnout – has helped me shift my mindset and change how I work so that I DON’T burn out like I did last fall. 

You could take the Make 500 with a Mini-Course workshop and use it to launch your first Teachery course!

Cherry-Pick What YOU Need, When You Need It – “The Dashboard”

A glimpse of the Wandering Aimfully WAIM Dashboard

The way WAIM Unlimited is set up, I can log in to my dashboard and cherry-pick what I need, when I need it.

✅ If I want tips for growing traffic…I can do a quick search.

✅ If I want to focus on building and growing my email list…a quick search will give me all sorts of info. 

✅ If I feel like leveling up my processes and productivity…the how-to is just a click or two away.

Whether you want to hone in on your email marketing, your content creation, your processes and productivity, or even your mindset… all you have to do is head to your dashboard, click the tag you’re looking for, and to the surface comes high-quality, actionable training on that subject. 

You can save your favorite resources, and select which ones you plan to go through next so you’re always learning and growing your skills.

I save time hunting down resources on each of these topics because I just hop into my dashboard, see what I’m in the mood to learn, and I’m one click away.

The WAIM dashboard is super powerful, but it’s about to get even better because this year they completely redesigned it to be simpler, easier to use, and better organized to show you all the best WAIM resources. 

It’s kind of like Netflix, but for business content! 🤩

Whenever I want to dig into something new, I just pick a tag and go down the rabbit hole.

For example, “boosting my traffic” or “improving my conversions.” With one click, high-quality, actionable coaching sessions and workshops are right there waiting for me. 

✨ It’s magical! ✨

My Favorite WAIM Courses – Included With Your Membership!

Some of my favorite courses and resources for WAIM members are Make 500 with a Mini-Course, The UN-Boring Business Roadmap, Build Without Burnout, Better Branding, and Draw Your Memories.

When you sign up for WAIM you’ll get on-demand courses and resources included in your membership.

Here are a few WAIM courses I’ve taken that I really like:

Make 500 with a Mini-Course

The UN-Boring Business Roadmap

Build Without Burnout

Better Branding

Draw Your Memories

And WAIM members also get the new Teachery Theme Pack that includes pre-designed templates that make course-design even EASIER!

Teachery ALSO Includes Payment Pages, Landing Pages, and an Affiliate Program BUILT-IN

Teachery offers all-in-one-course management with payment pages, landing pages, and even an option for setting up affiliates to promote your course.

While I don’t use all of these right now, YOU can:

✅ Create landing pages to share about your offers.

✅ Create payment pages and take payments from customers.

✅ Offer your customers a way to make money by signing up for your affiliate program.

ALL with Teachery!

Q&A – You Asked for It!

Questions and Answers about WAIM and Teachery

Here are some questions I’ve received about Teachery…

Q:  Do You Like Teachery?

A:  I don’t just like it…I LOVE it. It’s easy to use {even with a bit of a learning curve} and extremely versatile. 

Q:  I just create and sell low content books and printables. Would Teachery even be of use to me?

That depends. If you’re only focused on creating and selling these products, you probably don’t need Teachery. 

But WAIM, on the other hand, is a high-quality biz coaching program and THAT is something you can use as an online biz owner. 

Plus, since you do get Teachery included, you could use it as a very POWERFUL MARKETING TOOL for building your EMAIL LIST and adding more income streams to your business!

You could create opt-in incentives, private bonuses, workshops, courses…even special “customer hubs” you could offer buyers {this is a really nice way to build your list!}

Q:  You’ve recently done your checkout process with ThriveCart. Are you switching to that from Teachery?

A:  Nope. I’m not leaving Teachery even though I have ThriveCart.

Q:  Do you prefer Teachery or ThriveCart Learn?

A: I’ve had ThriveCart awhile, actually, and have only done some trial sales to get acclimated to using it. The “Passive Income in 5 Steps Workshop” is the first “launch” I’ve done with TC and I’m hoping to shift my affiliate program to it soon. {But Teachery has affiliate program capabilities, as well, so I’ll be considering this, too!}

I haven’t touched TC Learn, so I can’t speak to which one I prefer. I got Teachery first and used it way before I got TC, so I’m just comfortable with it.

I will say that I REALLY enjoy using Teachery and am getting better at using it in different and creative ways, so I don’t plan on even testing TC Learn in the near future. 

I’m also familiar with other course platforms like Teachable, Thinkific, and Podia and I like Teachery better than all of them…as a course creator AND as a student!

Q:  Do you have a bonus if we get Teachery/WAIM through you?

A:  Not yet. 

The working plan is a course or resource specifically related to leveraging Teachery/WAIM as a low content publisher. Sweet, huh?  

I AM going to be creating something special for my buyers in the near future and if you DO get Teachery/WAIM through me at ANY TIME, you’ll get my bonus.

Wandering Aimfully and Teachery go together like peanut butter and jelly! 🍞🥜🍓

Wandering Aimfully WAIM and Teachery – Wrapping Up

Investing in WAIM Unlimited and using Teachery to create courses, workshops, and more has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business.

I can use these resources to build and boost my low-content publishing biz.

I can use them to create awesome stuff for my niche sites.

I can get help with business strategy, the entrepreneurial mindset, productivity, and more.

And once it’s paid off, you continue to get ACCESS AND UPDATES FOR LIFE!

You can learn more about Wandering Aimfully and Teachery here.

✅ Grab the Free Guide!

How to Make Passive Income Selling Journals, Planners, and Workbooks on Amazon in 5 EAYS Steps!

Download the free guide, How to Make Passive Income Selling Journals, Planners, and Workbooks on Amazon in 5 Easy Steps
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