Using Pinterest to Market Low Content Books

Have you started thinking about using Pinterest to market your low content books?

You’d definitely be on the right track.

Pinterest is 100% FREE and is a great way to get eyes on our books. And I’m not talking just pinning your book’s image directly from Amazon. You can do SO much MORE!

Let me start off by saying this is an ADVANCED STEP so if you’re still refining your book publishing skills, keep at it until you’re comfortable with the whole process.

When you’re ready to start using different methods to market your books, you’re ready for Pinterest!

If you’re a blogger or website owner, you probably know that Pinterest can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your content. It is a HUGE site that was once used just to bookmark favorite things. Now, it’s a search engine that continues to be a place people come to for tips, ideas, and solutions. 

But Pinterest for low content publishers is NEW territory! 

There is some info out there about pinning for authors, but I haven’t read any of that. I tend to do my thing my way and I’ve been having a blast with Pinterest for a very long time – I’m just taking my experience and using it for my books (and guess what…it’s working!)

Top Tips for Using Pinterest to Market Notebooks and Journals

So here are my top tips for using Pinterest successfully:

  • Use Pinterest as a business; don’t just use your own personal account
  • Start with a minimum of 10 boards and shoot for a minimum of 20 pins on each board (some will be yours, some will be repins and pins from other sites)
  • Find people who are interested in the types and topics of books you’re publishing and follow  a few of those people every day
  • Create pins that are longer than they are wide (600×900 pixels or 600×1260)
  • Pin your book images from Amazon (using the Pinterest for Chrome app) but CHANGE THE PIN DESCRIPTION to something more…REAL…and appealing
  • Create LOTS of unique pins for each book using tools like PicMonkey and Canva and pin THOSE images to Pinterest
  • Create unique descriptions for your pins that include the keywords you’re using for your books
  • You do NOT need to use a scheduling tool – manual pinning can be quick, easy, and you will NEVER be banned/punished by Pinterest (as long as you’re not spamming, of course!)

Learn how to quickly and easily create images to promote your low content journals and planners on Pinterest!

Pinterest Affiliate Explosion đź“Ś

Here’s the thing about Pinterest training: it’s usually aimed at bloggers and website owners and because things change SO quickly, it’s often outdated.

But I can vouch for this strategy guide – I own it, I’ve read through it, and it’s relatively current (updated March of last year and the info is still current!) We can absolutely use this strategy for our low content publishing business!

I think you’ll love this complete, detailed, no-website-needed blueprint for making affiliate sales of physical products using only Pinterest.

And we can take this info and apply it to OUR BOOKS! 

You’ll need to pretty much disregard the info about promoting affiliate products – that’s not what we’re doing. But FYI, you can easily take this info and use it to build out your profile AND make some extra affiliate income! BOOM! 

No upsells, nothing else needed, no website expense, and almost no writing needed at all!

You’ll learn:

  • How to set up your account or update a current profile
  • How to create boards, pin images, and set board covers, and rearrange boards
  • The RIGHT way to follow people
  • The RIGHT way to pin manually and tools you COULD use to automate 
  • How to create pins on Canva (and you could take this info and use it for your favorite image editing program)
  • And more!

Read More About Pinterest Affiliate Explosion

Pinterest Traffic Takeover đź“Ś

DISCLAIMER: I have NOT taken this workshop but I know Liz and she puts out amazing stuff!

Liz Tomey has created a 5 day online workshop where she will be showing you everything you need to know to market your business on Pinterest AND use it to get a ton of traffic. 

This will require a bit of a mindset shift because Liz is speaking to online marketers with blogs and sites – not necessarily low content publishers. BUT this is still a valuable training!
Read More and Save 50% with Coupon Code: 50OFFPIN

You’ll learn…

1. How to see if your niche is on Pinterest

2. How to pick a niche to make-money with Pinterest if you don’t have one

3. A complete strategy that goes from A-Z on using Pinterest in your marketing and traffic gettin’

4. A super duper easy way to create 9 pieces of content a month for Pinterest to get you all the traffic that you need.

5. How to use search optimization for Pinterest, so you can get a ton of traffic from it!

6. How to plan out an entire year of content so you’re getting traffic from Pinterest 24/7

And a ton more!

Basically everything you need to know to get started marketing your business on Pinterest and using it to get a ton of traffic will be covered in this online workshop of hers called The Pinterest Traffic Takeover.

So take 5 minutes… The sales page is short and to the point and tells you exactly what you’re going to learn from her and howGrab your spot and start USING what you learn to get traffic to ANY website you want (EVEN AMAZON!)

Read More and Save 50% with Coupon Code: 50OFFPIN

Why You Should Absolutely Share Your Books on Pinterest…and How to Do It

As I said before, people are using Pinterest to search for tips, ideas, and solutions. 

And believe it or not, your books can be all three of these things!

Think about it:

  • You can create a journal on a hot topic like organization and feature tips throughout
  • You can create journals that help people organize their ideas or ideas they come across on sites like Pinterest
  • You can definitely create a journal that solves a problem – health and wellness trackers, budget planners, wedding planners…these are SOLUTIONS

So the easiest way to share your books on Pinterest is by going to your book’s sales page and using the Pinterest browser extension to pin directly from that page. 

You could also upload an image directly to Pinterest and add in your book’s Amazon url. 

Just sign in and at the top right, there’s the plus button. Click that, upload your image, and fill in the url for your book.

Pinterest is Great for Low Content Niche Research

We can also use Pinterest so gain insight into what people are looking for. 

Take a look at this pin:

Just below the pin description you can see that this has been pinned 149 times. So there’s some demand there.

People want to know how to plan a wedding and they’re liking the “checklist” idea.

By the way…I added that pin using this strategy. ;o)

So what can you do with that info? 

Well, start by creating a wedding planner!

But do it strategically and how I’ve shown you in my niche research videos.

Check the demand on Amazon, look for ways you can slant your book to niche it down. Check out reviews to see what people like and don’t like.

Next-Level Brand Building – Create  a NICHE Blog or Website to Market Your Books!

Now let me say something here.

You can publish books on Amazon and get sales just with the marketing Amazon does for you and your own amazing keyword research and targeting.

You can market your books with ads (and I’m exploring this now).

You can use free marketing tools like Pinterest to give your books exposure and attract buyers.

And you can ALSO create a niche blog or website to market your books.

Let’s continue to use the wedding planner idea as an example.

You could build an entire niche website around planning a wedding. You could offer checklists and printables, tips, how-to articles…all about planning a wedding.

Of course, you’d want to niche down and come up with a unique slant. 

  • Budget wedding planning?
  • Destination wedding planning?
  • Small wedding planning?
  • Simple wedding planning?

But then…in your content, you naturally link to your wedding planners! 

So your awesome content draws in people who are looking for help with planning a wedding. You give them that help. And then offer a cool tool that will help them even more.

See how you could do this with all kinds of niches and books?

I am personally doing this very thing and it’s working out well for me. 

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Wrapping Up

Have YOU started using Pinterest to market your books? Will you be using Pinterest as part of your marketing efforts?

Talk to me in the comments! 

And don’t forget to sign up for my list to get even MORE low content publishing awesomeness!

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  1. If I sell pregnancy/ mom journals and planners, kids activity and color books, and baby shower/birthday guest books, do I need separate blogs for each type of books? Or do you think I can include them all under a family blog? Seems a lot to do separate and costly since I would have to buy separate domains. However, I totally understand having separate blogs for a very targeted audience.

    1. Yes, you could promote them on a family blog!

      ~ Julie

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