Use Written PLR to Create Low Content Books

Today I’m talking about how to use written PLR (Private Label Rights content) to create low content books. Yes, you CAN!

I show you how in the video and below that, I’ve written an overview and tips if you just want the highlights. 

Fair warning, there are some sound issues and for some reason, it’s really loud when I’m typing. So you’ll have to adjust your sound. (I’m in the market for a new microphone!)

The video is a little over 30 minutes and I talk about where to get good PLR for your books (links below), what to do when you purchase, and how to create your books with it. 

Feel free to follow along as I go.

You’ll see me go through how I can and cannot use the content, how I rewrite PLR, How I add a journal page, and how I add in a design from a purchased template I already own.

Good stuff! Enjoy. :o)

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✅ Tips to Remember when Using PLR for Low Content Books

  • Purchase the best quality you can – I’ve given recommendations below for my seller top picks
  • Always read the usage rights, which will come with your PLR download
  • When using PLR for journals and notebooks you’ll sell on Amazon, you MUST rewrite every single word to create unique content
  • To take it a step further, I recommend you personalize and add in additional content
  • Break up your PLR and mix it with content from other packs and sellers
  • Use purchased journal and planner templates – these are also PLR – as well as your own custom designs (watch me tweak a template here)
  • The more unique you make your book, the better off you’ll be

✅ Where to Get Top Quality PLR for Journal Creation

Any one of these sellers is a winner.

When the writing is good, you don’t have to work as hard to rewrite, and since we have to rewrite everything we use, we have to start with the best quality content possible. 

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✅ Top Templates for Low Content Publishing

Wrapping Up

By using PLR and rewriting it for journals and notebooks, we have a framework that speeds up the creation process, we can mix and match to create TOTALLY unique interiors, and when you combine a little bit of written content with low content pages, you’re creating a one-of-a-kind product that buyers really appreciate.

Question? Comments? Drop them below. And let me know how you’ll be using PLR in your notebooks, planners, cookbooks, and journals!

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  1. Great job on the video – This was something I was planning but seeing what you did and how just confirmed my path! Thank you!

  2. If the sound is too low, go to the Chrome Web Store, and get this Chrome Extension, FREE, called Volume Master…

    1. Hey, Rick! Thanks for that tip! Appreciate it. :o)

      ~ Julie

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