Use PLR to Quickly Create Low Content Books!

Did you know that you can use PLR (private label rights) to quickly create low content books?

PLR is done-for-you content – it’s written, it’s images, it’s ebooks and blog posts and emails…

But before it get into the details, I want to let you know that  I’m sharing a quick promo that’s only good ’til Wednesday evening (it gives me an opportunity to share a tutorial with you, so I’m going for it!)

This post will be great for you if you have some PLR content that’s sitting on your computer.

Let’s put it to use and make some books!

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So what is PLR anyway?

It’s short for “private label rights” and it’s a very broad term for content you can use and put your name on that you’ll pay rock-bottom prices for (compared to hiring ghostwriters.) 

Different providers will have different usage rights. Just like photos, you’ll want to check your rights whenever you make a purchase.

But for the most part, you can take content you buy, edit it, piece it together, break it up, share it for free, sell it…all under your own name like you created it.

Journal templates are an example of PLR.

There’s also written PLR in all kinds of formats and even image PLR

But there are some best practices and that’s what I’m sharing here, along with a quick tutorial for using PLR to create low content books!

PLR Best Practices – How to Use It!

The first thing you want to do is buy high-quality PLR

You’ll find out right away that there are hundreds of PLR sellers who create garbage. But there are sellers who put a lot of effort into creating good quality content, too. 

For our purposes, you’ll want to remember the next top rule:

Rewrite and edit every single piece of PLR you buy to create something totally unique.

Amazon has very strict rules – you CANNOT use PLR as-is.

But what you CAN do is completely rewrite your PLR and piece it together so that it becomes unique content. Amazon will love that! 

Let me rephrase this because this is the most important thing to know about using PLR. 

When you buy written PLR to use in your low content books, REWRITE EVERYTHING IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

Apply What You Now Know

So now that you know how to use PLR, it’s time to apply it.

But how can we use PLR to create low content books?

Well, let’s remember what low content books are (it’s WAY more than notebooks!):

  • Activity Books    
  • Memory Books
  • Agendas    
  • Notebooks
  • Calendars    
  • Notepads
  • Coloring Books    
  • Planners
  • Composition Books  
  • Prayer Books
  • Diaries    
  • Puzzle Books
  • Guest Books/Registers    
  • Study Guides
  • Journals    
  • Trackers
  • Log Books    
  • Workbooks

Some of these have more CONTENT than just blank lines. For example, a guided journal has prompts. PLR can save you TONS of time trying to create your own prompts – you can buy PLR and use that to create prompts!

✅ VIDEO POST: I go even more in-depth on using written PLR for low content books in this post!

Quick Tips for Using PLR

  • Buy from reputable sellers (I’ll share my top resources below)
  • Again, rewrite EVERYTHING
  • Mix and match PLR packs for more unique creations
  • Repurpose your PLR (as well as your book content!) to market your books on your blog and social media platforms
  • Use PLR topics to help you come up with NICHE IDEAS

Where to Get AMAZING PLR to Use in Your Books

Here are my top resources:

And the BIG News!

I will be hosting a “Create a Low Content Book with PLR CHALLENGE“. If you’re in the Facebook group, I mentioned that I thought my next challenge was going to be cool…and it IS.

I’m going to be challenging YOU to use PLR to create a new book and publish it on KDP.  This will help you stand out from the crowd even more AND you’ll have a new skill set for publishing low content books.

This challenge will walk you through the process and get you taking massive action! 

So stay tuned for that. :o)  Oh, and remember that my list gets first dibs at a lot of cool stuff like this, so sign up below.

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