Uploading a Low Content Planner to Amazon KDP

uploading a low content planner to amazon kdp

Hey, guys! It’s time to log in to Amazon KDP, enter our book details, upload our PDFs, and submit for review!

This is the last post in my “Low Content Publishing from Scratch” series. #Hallelujah! :o)

✅ Publishing from Scratch Posts

I have TWO videos for you.

The first takes you from having a finished interior and cover to the point where you would launch the previewer to check your work.


The previewer takes FOREVER to load, so I stop recording and step away for about 30 minutes (you could upload more books, make more books, switch your laundry, have a piece of pie…) 

Then, I come back in the second video to launch the preview of my planner, approve it, select my price, and submit for review.

Enjoy! 💞

Entering Book Details in KDP

Previewing Your Book and Submitting for Review

If you’ve been following along and creating your OWN planner (or journal…or notebook…) to publish with Kindle Direct Publishing, you will have at least one new book online and available for purchase.

Celebrate a job well done and then work on your next book!

Learn how to quickly and easily create images for Pinterest that promote your low content books!

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Did you know you can do it all for FREE?

Wrapping Up

I’d love to hear what you thought about this series and what you’d like to see me do in future videos and posts, so drop a comment below!

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