Is TipPub Creator a Shortcut for Creating Prompt-Based Journals and Planners?

Tip Pub Creator Review

TipPub Creator launches today and I got a sneak peek so I could review it for you guys. I’ll say here that this is not a deep dive into this software but that’s partly because I don’t need to do one.

This web-based publishing tool is great for low content publishers and is very intuitive and easy to use.

You can definitely purchase it, log in, and pretty much just click around and learn by doing very quickly.

There’s also a demo video right on the sales page and in about 4 minutes you can see how easy TipPub Creator is to use.

When you purchase this quick tip creation tool through my link, you get my bonus! {Bonus link is in your product access area.}

TipPub Creator Infographic

What Is TipPub Creator and Why Do I Need It?

TipPub Creator is a web-based software that helps you quickly create tip-based content like prompt journals.

But you can also use it to create quotes and tips for tip sheets, checklists, planners, workbooks, and niche-based journals.

TipPub comes preloaded with over 2,000 tips so you can very easily start creating your low content interiors.

But if you need content that TipPub Creator does NOT have, you can add topics, categories, and your own tips by simply creating a new category in your dashboard area and uploading a .csv file with your own unique topics and tips.

TipPub Creator comes preloaded with categories and tips but you can also add your own!

Add Value to Low Content Products with Tips

Adding tips to your low content books can up the perceived value of your books.

For example:

See how powerful these tip resources can be?

TipPub Creator Category Page
Each topic has a dropdown arrow you can click to see a list of tips for that topic.

Can’t I Just Create My Own Tips and Add them One-By-One?

You might be thinking, “Well, I can just create a list of my own tips and add them one at a time to my interiors.

And you can.

But think about the process:

  • List out your tips/type them in a notepad file or spreadsheet
  • Open up your interior
  • Add a text box on the page for your tip
  • Copy/paste your tip
  • Repeat for each tip you want for your product

What TipPub Creator does is shorten the process.

Not only do you have 2,000+ tips ready to go {even more content in the additional offers after purchase}, but you also can create your own tips, upload them to TipPub, and make endless variations of tip-based books, checklists, printables, and more.

AND you can even use PLR content! {I show how I do this in my bonus for those who buy TipPub Creator through me.}

Creating Low Content Workbooks with TipPub

One of the nice features of TipPub Creator is that you can create pages with content AND lines for writing, so creating worksheets and workbooks is a breeze!

In my bonus, I take you to one of my fav resources to get great ideas for worksheet/workbook content and even give you tips for affordably outsourcing content creation.

Aren’t Users Sharing and Using the Same Tips?

If you’re worried that we’re all using the same tips, think about this: there are over 2,000 tips and it’s unlikely that we’ll use the same tips in the same way.

In fact, I recommend rewording the tips you use anyway because Amazon doesn’t like duplicate content or PLR content, so rewording everything is just another safeguard for you. {You don’t need to do a line-by-line rewrite, as you’ll see in my bonus.}

And when you add to this that we’ll be using these tips in a variety of ways, in a variety of layouts, for a WIDE variety of products, you can see how there isn’t really going to be overlap.

What Kind of Products Can I Make and Sell?

As I mentioned before, you can create:

  • Tip sheets
  • Checklists
  • Prompt journals
  • Planners
  • Workbooks
  • Printables

Once you have a finished product, you can upload it to KDP, sell it on Etsy or Shopify, sell it on your blog, or use it as a freebie to give email subscribers.

Oh, and you can even create products that have full commercial use rights, so you sell products that others can REsell!

Get TipPub Creator Now with My BONUS!

When you purchase TipPub Creator through me:

  • You’ll get a link on your product access page that takes you to a private bonus where I give you a tour of the product
  • Offer my publishing tips and insight
  • Show how to create MULTIPLE products with TipPub
  • And brainstorm ideas to help you use it to publish low content books on KDP or printables on Etsy.

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  1. Hi Julie,
    Can you import pictures/images into Tip Pub?


    1. Hey, Neil! No, you can only add text-based tips. You’ll need to add images and graphics into your PowerPoint or Word doc.

      ~ Julie

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