Simple Posting Secrets to Take the Guesswork out of Social Media and GET FREE TRAFFIC to Your Low Content Books!

No need to spend big bucks on ads or go LIVE...{Unless you WANT to!}

Stop sweating over what to post and when...

...swipe these easy posting styles, boost your Facebook engagement, and send FREE traffic to your books!

Get a better understanding of what to post and when in order to create more interaction with your audience and use that interaction to build better relationships, which ultimately help to grow your business!

✅  Ever feel like you get stuck on what to share with your Facebook audience?

✅  Struggling to post daily because you just can't figure out what to post?

✅  Stuck in a RUT posting the same things again and again?

✅  Trying to understand how an engaged social presence leads to more book sales?

Let me give you the framework that you can use to eventually expand upon and create your own unique, highly-engaging social content...and watch your publishing business grow because of it!

Social Traffic POP! for Publishers

Increase your engagement, create a thriving community, grow your social media presence, and send traffic to your books like never before!


Easy posting techniques even the most reluctant publisher can use to make the most of social media!

Use These Techniques to Build Your Brand and Get More Buyers to Your Books!

Many publishers struggle with the marketing piece when it comes to getting the word out about their low content books.

Social Traffic POP! for Publishers makes it easy because you'll get the details on simple posts that get people to STOP scrolling their news feed...helping you make that all-important connection with your followers.

And when you connect, you can:

  • Send your followers to your products and special offers
  • Get your followers to sign up for your email list - another way to nurture your connection
  • Make sure that when your people are ready to make a purchase...they remember YOU as a resource!
Learn what it means to "post on purpose."

Stop guessing at what people want to see on social media and get a specific plan of action.

Discover 10 specific posting strategies that will skyrocket engagement.

Simply pick and choose what you feel like posting and watch as your community can't help but engage!

Get step-by-step instruction - no more guessing!

You'll be led practically by the hand so that you have NO question about what to post, when, why, and how.

3 simple steps to level up your design skills.

Keep it simple with my 3-step design strategy that you can apply to social media AND book cover creation!

Meet Julie!

If we've never met before, let me take a few seconds to introduce myself.  I'm Julie and I've been earning my income online for over 10 years now.

I fell in love with low-content publishing and now work on my publishing business full-time. 

What helped me grow my publishing business was focusing on branding and building relationships and social media - Facebook, in particular - has helped me do this. 

I've created publishing brands from scratch and attracted hundreds of new fans and followers in a matter of days...

...and I get them engaging with me and sharing my content!

I can't wait to show you how I do it!

Meet Julie - Publish Low Content Books

Here’s what people are saying about my trainings!

Jennifer G.

"My business became way more focused and MUCH more profitable!"

You truly can't go wrong with any of Julie's trainings, ESPECIALLY her challenges! They are great for newbies AND veteran publishers! Before I discovered Julie, I spent almost 6 months spinning my wheels following other "experts" who focused more on quantity over quality. But once I started following Julie's teachings, my business became way more focused and MUCH more profitable! If you want to move from "side hustle" mentality to "building a real business" mentality, then Julie is the teacher for you!

DiAnne B.

"Julie's training is simple and right to the point."

Q4 Goal Getter Course was exactly what I needed to get into gear for this coming money making season. I'm so excited that I got on board. Julie's training is simple and right to the point. . . .she walks you step by step of how to put it all together.

Tommy Z.

"Love the variety of information provided."

I love the variety of information provided, by videos and 'printed' summaries. This course is well worth my time, and is clearing up a lot of mysteries/uncertainties for me. I am plugging along at my own pace, and am really glad to have this flexibility! Thank you, Julie!

Here's What You'll Learn in Social Traffic POP! for Publishers


Discover EXACTLY what topics to focus on for more social engagement on pages and in groups.

With these 10 simple post types, you can create an unlimited number of unique posts that will have people liking, commenting, and sharing your stuff, which will expand the reach of your low-content brand.


Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to create scroll-stopping social graphics.

The KEY is getting people to stop their scrolling and pay attention to what you're sharing...this makes it MUCH more likely they'll like, comment, and take action on what you're posting about.


You get immediate LIFETIME access to all course modules and materials, including updates!

Simply create your classroom account, login, and start learning how to POST ON PURPOSE!


Digital handbook is included to help support what you learn in the course and keep you on track and accountable!

The full-color digital handbook includes helpful reminders, a social post checklist so you can see "at a glance" what post types we cover, and includes space for brainstorming and notes.

Let's get your fans and followers supporting your business!


50 Social Post Ideas for Even MORE Engagement!

With this list, you can cherry-pick from 50 different post ideas.  Just tweak for your niche and audience...and post!

BONUS handout
50 Social Post Ideas

Here’s what people are saying about your instructor!

Kelly B.

"I would sign up for any challenge, course, training, whatever Julie offers."

I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and have learned so much from it, from keywords to batching and covers. Julie makes the whole process enjoyable, informative and easy to follow. Being in Australia, the challenge cost me more due to the exchange rate but it was so worth every cent. I would sign up for any challenge, course, training, whatever Julie offers. The facebook page is also fantastic and the whole community are so encouraging and helpful.

Cathy G.

"Worth every penny I paid and the knowledge I gained is priceless."

Fantastic challenge that gave me the exact step-by-step process for publishing low content books. I was a newbie and now feel very confident in this new endeavor. Julie is very quick to answer any question and I will be taking any and all of her upcoming challenges. Worth every penny I paid and the knowledge I gained is priceless. Thanks, Julie.

Sarah E.

"I would not have been able to put a recipe book on Amazon and had such a sense of achievement."

I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. Without it, I would not have been able to put a recipe book on Amazon and had such a sense of achievement. Julie is very motivational and supportive as well as knowable on her subject. I would recommend this challenge to anyone considering low content publishing.

Take the Guesswork out of Social Posting and Effortlessly Send Traffic to Your Book Pages and Special Offers

Think of this course as a MAJOR time-saving shortcut.

✅  No more wondering how to set your brand's social presence apart.

✅  No more wondering what to post and when.

✅  No more guessing and trial-by-error.

This social media strategy will make getting free traffic to your books and special offers absolutely effortless!

Buy With Confidence!

Try this course for a full 7 days and if it's not exactly as described here, you can contact me for a full refund of your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I purchase?

After purchase you will be able to access your Welcome Packet which will have the details of how to get on the course email list and where to go to set up your student account.

What do I need to get started?

You'll need a new or established Facebook page or group and a photo editing program for creating your graphics. I show you how to create your graphics very quickly in PowerPoint but you can use any program you're comfortable with.

How long will I have access to the course?

All videos and content have been already been added to your course dashboard and you'll have immediate, LIFETIME access.

Are there any other expenses?

Nope! No other investments are required and I talk about free resources you can use to create your graphics.

Meet Julie - Publish Low Content Books


I'm doing this right alongside you - creating, publishing, and promoting...just like YOU will create, publish and promote!

This is not just researched and rehashed information...I show you exactly what I do to create engaging social content that helps me connect with my audience so I can sell without being "salesy."

All you have to do is follow along and take action!

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