Simple eBook Profits Review – For Low Content Publishers?

Simple Ebook Profits Review

Yesterday I sent out an email to my list about how I purchased Erica Stone’s Simple eBook Profits and I touched on how I planned to use it. 

But it’s kind of important to share the WHY behind what I’m doing, too!

Simple Ebook Profits Review

I also dropped a cryptic post in my Facebook group about how I had purchased it – but didn’t elaborate and a few members were like, “Uh…can you tell us more about this?” 

That’s where this review comes in.

So, of course, I felt bad because I just wasn’t thinking! What I WAS thinking was that I’d just share a quick note about what I got since that’s the whole point of this – sharing MY journey and experience with YOU. 

I’m going to do a thorough overview of what the product is, the buying process, who I think this product is for and who it’s not for, how I plan to use it and how other low-content publishers can use it.

As I said, I bought this product for my personal use.

Erica never does upsells and this product is no exception, so what you see is what you get

I’ll tell you right now, I know and love Erica. I have {almost} all of her products.

I’m still going through her Freedom Fix course because I bought the extended training.

I implement what she teaches and her methods make me money.

She also happens to be a leader who OVERdelivers. She gives so much value and support, it’s no wonder she has loyal, raving fans like me. 

But make no mistake – I’m going to dive deep into this product and keep my perspective objective. I have high expectations and I want to see if this product is as easy-to-implement and results-driven as her other products.

And I want to know…can I leverage this strategy in my low content publishing journey?

I’m not giving my final thoughts here, but here’s my link if you want to check out Simple eBook Profits in case you want more info right away or to follow along as I review (and clicking any links on this page may result in me receiving a small commission, which helps support this site.)

Let’s Take a Look at the Sales Page

Erica creates a very cool, visual sales page for her products and keeps it simple – highlights, bullet points, and crystal clear benefits.

On this particular page, she leads with a very compelling statement…

…then immediately addresses common concerns about whether or not you need to be connected, well-known, invest a ton of money, create funnels, or outsource to make sales with this ebook strategy. 

After briefly sharing how she got started and what her first selling experience was like, we learn what Simple eBook Profits is, exactly what we get, who this product is for, and what this product is NOT.

Simple Ebook Profits Review - Click Here for FULL Details!

The page closes with answers to some common questions, a little more about Erica, and testimonials. 

It’s a quick read, too. I appreciate that there’s not a long video and lots of jargon. Just give it to me straight and do it quickly! :o)

When you decide to buy, a click of the buy button takes you to the payment page, where you can purchase with PayPal. Quick and easy. 

How to Get the Most Out of Simple eBook Profits

I already have a book idea in mind but it’s for THIS site, so this strategy makes it a no-brainer. Erica is sharing the step-by-step and her template, which is a perfect fit for this use.

However, as a low content publisher,  I started thinking that I can take this information and use it to create paperbacks! 

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What is a signature system? It’s simply a process YOU create and refine that solves a common problem.

The key here is that it’s YOUR system. So ideally, you are putting it into practice, so that you can teach from a place from experience.

Then, you’d simply create your ebook, detailing how your system helps and the step-by-step process.

But wait! 

Why not take it one step further and create a low content companion book for your signature system?

And taking it even further, you could easily create printables!

Are you seeing how powerful this all is?

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What Simple eBook Profits Is NOT

Simple eBook profits is not about:

  • Selling your book on Amazon
  • Creating Kindle books
  • How to write your book
  • How to market your book
  • Recruiting affiliates to sell your book
  • How to create a website to sell your book

What You DO Get

What you do get is a simple, step-by-step how-to with lots of images that teaches you how to create and publish an eBook.

Erica shows you in detail how to:

  • Come up with your idea
  • Create an outline for your eBook
  • Approach the writing process
  • Create an eBook cover (and the free and paid resources to help with that)
  • Package up your product to get it ready for listing
  • Find places to list your product
  • Create a sales page and buy button for your product
  • Create your listing on WarriorPlus or JVZoo

And if at any point you get hung up on something, Erica is an email away and gives amazing customer support!

What’s Missing?

Erica doesn’t talk about coming up with a price for your product, which is a simple fix. I personally look at products similar to mine and see what they’re selling for and then I set my price.

There’s not a section on getting traffic to – and marketing – your book, either. You’re on your own here. Ideally, you have listed your book with a marketplace that lets their affiliates know it’s live. 

You could also list your book on a site like Muncheye, where people are actively looking for products to promote.

After this was written, Erica released an update of her product that DOES include info on pricing and getting traffic as well as expanded information throughout the rest of the book!

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And finally, this book is strictly about Erica’s strategy for creating and selling eBooks – she does not tell you how to create a website of your own, which I believe is essential for setting yourself up as a leader as well as for having another way to sell your book (not to mention build an email list of readers you can build a relationship with!)

If you don’t have a website and want to learn the right way to start and build an online business with a niche site, I recommend this training.

Wrapping Up

My final recommendation is that this an excellent product at a great price with unique information that isn’t covered elsewhere – let alone so simply and thoroughly.

This product is for you if:

  • You’re a low content publisher and want an eBook method you can use to create simple paperbacks for selling on Amazon via KDP
  • You have an idea for a signature system and want to create an eBook –  and low-content companion products
  • You’re a niche site owner or blogger and want an easy method for creating and selling your own eBook
  • You DON’T have a blog or website but you DO have an idea for an eBook and want to know how to get it created and listed for sale

As I said before, I’ll be implementing this strategy for an eBook I have in mind, so it’ll be great to see how this works! 

I usually share lots of unique content with my list and plan on sharing my personal results in future newsletters, so I hope you’ll become a subscriber today! 

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