I LOVE reviewing products, tools, resources, and courses for low content publishers. This helps me deepen my own understanding, level up in my own journal publishing business, and then I can share that with you guys.

Reviews allow me to implement – and learning whether something works for me or not can help you make informed decisions about using low content products, resources, and tools in your own publishing biz.

When I conduct a review, I’ll tell you how I learned about a product, how I obtained it {review copy vs. paid out of pocket}, my impressions of how it’s marketed and delivered to the end buyer, and my experience with implementing it.

If you know of a course, product, or resource I should review, contact me and let me know.

QueContent Composer Walkthrough

QueContent Composer Walkthrough

Today, Amy launched QueContent Composer {my link} and I thought I'd do a walkthrough video for you guys, showing you what the dashboard looks like and how to use the tool. It's super...