Quick Tip: How to Save Your PowerPoint Slide as a Transparent Image

How to save your PowerPoint slide as a transparent image - great tip for creating covers!

Hey, y’all! 

Today I wanted to share a quick how-to in video form. Let’s learn how to save your PowerPoint slide as a transparent image! 

This little skill could come in very handy for ya. Just sayin’.

The video is about 6 minutes. Enjoy!

Short on time? Here’s how to do it!

To sum up, you’re going to create your slide, highlight all of your elements, right-click, and choose “save as picture.” 

Then you’ll name it, making SURE it is being saved as a .PNG image, and save it!

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  1. Yikes, I have struggled with this many, many times. Thanks so much for posting this!


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