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How to Get Sales in LESS than 24 Hours Without Spending a Dime on Traffic

Quick and Easy Pins for Publishers Video Course for Low Content Publishing

If you want more book sales with less effort, then read this carefully...

If you're not marketing your low content books, you are missing out on sales - no doubt about it.

And if you're publishing anything - journals, notebooks, coloring books, anything - you want to get the sale. 

Sure, publishing is part of the process but the other part is marketing and this is the part people either aren't doing or are struggling with.

By the time you've finished reading this page, you'll feel much more at ease about marketing your books because I'm going to tell you how you can learn about the techniques I use to market my own low content books using - you guessed it - PINTEREST!

Learn This Money-Making Strategy for Selling More Books Using 

When I first started publishing low content books, my plan was to "create, publish, and repeat." 

I was going to rely on Amazon to put my  book in front of buyers AND do the selling for me.

And sure, that strategy does work because Amazon's goals are the same as mine: to match up products with the right buyers and make the sale.

But I've never been comfortable just crossing my fingers and hoping the sales come in. I much prefer having some control over how my books are promoted and who they're promoted to. 

I knew I didn't want to throw money into advertising just yet. 

And I knew that there was one resource where I could share my books with people who were actually looking to buy them...

Of course, you've heard of Pinterest and likely know it's one of the top resources people use these days; it's no longer just a bookmarking site and it's definitely not a social networking site.

It's a search engine people use to find ideas and solutions - and your books can be a perfect match to the ideas and solutions people are looking for!

Now, imagine quickly creating beautiful pins that promote your books...pins that pinners actually want to click on!

Being able to create these pins lickety-split, over and over, will result in more people seeing your books and more eyes on your books means more chances to make the sale.

And the secret one is really taking advantage of this strategy!

I'm talking about more than just pinning your book covers and letting them sit on Pinterest, hoping they get clicked on and clicked through.

I'm talking about strategically creating images to pin - the right way - and then strategically pinning in a way that people and Pinterest LOVE.

And the best part is you can do this strategy with any photo editing program you're comfortable with! But I'll show you my three favorite tools and you'll get to watch as I create pin after pin in seconds.

Quick and Easy Pins for Publishers - pinnable list

I have over 10 years experience online and that includes learning Pinterest inside-and-out.

I've learned how to use the platform simply and easily so that I can market my content and have fun doing it - no matter what changes they make to their platform. 

And as a mom with very little time, I needed a way to promote my books quickly, but effectively!

That's what I'm sharing here - a method for using Pinterest to promote your low content books that's fun, fast, and easy.

It's so easy, you can use this strategy for any content you want to promote!

And probably the best part...


You get everything you need in ONE package all at ONE PRICE and no other screens to click through before you can get started.

Buy and you'll get immediate access to your purchase.



Do I need a website?

No! You can simply use your book's Amazon page!

Will my books actually sell?

While I can't make guarantees, I can say that the books I've pinned have sold as soon as within 24 hours of going LIVE on Amazon.

In the course, I also talk about the division of responsibility - what you're responsible for, what your pins are responsible for, and what your Amazon page is responsible for.

How long will it take to implement this strategy?

Once you learn the techniques, you can have pins promoting your books in seconds.

Are there any other expenses?

Nope. You can do this strategy with all free tools.

I've never used Pinterest before - can I still do this?

Yes! I give you tips for getting started from scratch, so no matter how much experience you have, this will work for you.

What if I have questions or need help?

I give students my contact details. Just provide proof of purchase and I'm happy to answer questions and help you with the training.

About the Creator

Meet Julie - Publish Low Content Books

I'm Julie and I create and sell low content books. 

I share my low content publishing journey with people like you who want to know how to publish and profit.

I love publishing notebooks and journals and quickly realized that what I was doing on Pinterest to market my books was working very well - so well that I streamlined my process and take the same steps after every book I publish.

I show you exactly what I do in this course!