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Q4 Focus Planner Profits Challenge

Dear Publisher,

If you're reading this, you probably already know that low content publishing can lead to serious profits

But for many, creating more than simple blank lined notebooks is a huge struggle.

Here's something else to consider: those kinds of low content books can only get you so far - publishers often realize that there's more money to be made with more complex interiors.

But what if you don't know what kind of books to create?

What if you don't know how to design more complex layouts?

And what if you're trying to create and sell planners but you're just...stuck?

You don't know it yet, but in the next few minutes you're going to feel compelled to make a life-changing decision to take my challenge. 

See, when I first started in low content publishing, I quickly realized that targeting a buying audience resulted in more sales - and more money in my pocket

And what people were buying were more complex interiors in one of the hottest buying markets I've ever seen.

But how do you tap into this market...especially when you feel overwhelmed by all of the choices you need to make?

The good news is that you can start where you are and in a relatively short amount of time, have an inventory full of books people love - and buy again and again!

This means that whether you're brand new and know nothing about low content publishing OR you've been publishing notebooks and journals {even planners!} for awhile, you will find tips, guidance, support, and accountability that will help you grow your publishing business!

What if you could - in just two weeks - create a number of in-demand low content books that sell all year long but especially through the holidays, well into the New Year...and beyond?  

{Psst! NOW is the time to get hustlin'!}


The Quarter 4 Focus:
Planner Profits!

What is the Q4 Focus?

The Q4 Focus is a 2-week, Monday-Friday multi-format challenge for low content publishers. This time, the focus is Planner Profits!

During this unique low-content publishing challenge, you will:

* Receive never-before-released, premium planner templates just for challenge participants

* Learn about the profit-power of Q4 and how to get started on KDP

* Gain priceless insight into niche and keyword research

* Create {or modify} your planner interior using PowerPoint {or another editing program you prefer}

* Learn the 5 basic elements of a high-quality planner

* Discover 7+ ways to level up your design to give your planners that "WOW" factor

* Be taught the 5 things you must do to edit a pre-made template and make it unique

* Learn how to design your own unique planner layouts

* Come up with unique slants for your planners so you can target multiple niches

* Master 3 elements that can have you firing off multiple covers in minutes

* Discover how to leverage pre-made items to quickly create covers that stand out

* Get step-by-step guidance for creating compelling book descriptions

* Discover simple tips and techniques to avoid getting your book sent back for revisions

* Easy marketing for maximum exposure

...And more!


  • A basic understanding of document creation

  • A basic understanding of how to add text and create simple graphics using PowerPoint, Canva, PicMonkey, InDesign, PhotoShop, or your favorite image editing program

  • A document creation program. All training will be done in PowerPoint but you can use any program you're comfortable with that has the capabilities required for planner creation {Word, Google Docs/Slides, Canva, etc.}

  • An image editing program for cover creation OR you can use another program/resource you're comfortable with

  • Initiative and hustle. This challenge is an intensive, meaning a lot of info is packed in - to get the most out of your investment, you must be willing to take consistent action
What's included in the Planner Profits Challenge

If you follow along and complete the simple assignments, at the end of the challenge you will have at least 10 planners published on Amazon!

How the Content is Delivered

Participants are provided with the product access info via text file.

Each day, we’ll be focusing on ONE step of the process.

You'll log in to get private, members-only access to over-the-shoulder videos showing you exactly what to do and how to do it. You can log in to the training when it works for you - the content will be waiting for you.

You get review access to the original challenge Facebook group {as well as my private FB community!}

All of your training will be available after the challenge ends, so you can definitely go at your own pace!

What Makes The Planner Profits Challenge Different?

There are several key points to know so you understand what makes this challenge different:

  • When this challenge was originally opened up, it was LIVE and the content was created based on the questions and needs of the participants. So it's VERY tailored and specific to what many of you want when it comes to learning about publishing paperback planners on KDP.

  • There are assignments, challenges and even incentives to get you to take action, hustle, and get those planners published!

  • My eyes on your goals - hey, seriously...I am NOT doing the work for you {but you got this.}
  • I'm going to hold you accountable. I'm going to motivate you. I'm going to encourage you...and you can always get real-time help from me and even others in my private community.

  • It is up to YOU to participate, check in, complete the assignments, and build your business

  • You do NOT need to turn in your work if you don't want to - but bonuses are only available to those who complete the required assignments/tasks

Important: Due to the nature of this product, there are no refunds.

When you purchase, you'll receive immediate access info.

Just log into your WarriorPlus account, view your purchase history, and download the file - then follow the instructions to get access.

If you are unable to log into WarriorPlus or need assistance in receiving your challenge info, please contact me at julie@publishlowcontentbooks.com.


Can a complete beginner follow this challenge?

Yes. While it's helpful to have some experience publishing on KDP, I will be sharing how to get started with no prior knowledge. 

Will my books actually sell?

While I can't make guarantees, I can say that planners I've published have sold in less than a week of going LIVE on Amazon.

Are there any other expenses?

Nope. No upsells and you can publish your planners using all free tools. I'll be showing you what I personally use and - while some of my resources do require additional fees, you do NOT need to use the same things.

How much time will I need to put in?

It's truly up to you. You can follow along at the pace I set, participate in the group, complete the assignments, and hustle...or go at your own pace.

What if I have questions or need help?

You'll have my contact info and access to me in the private group. You'll also have other challengers to lean on for support!

About the Creator

Meet Julie - Publish Low Content Books

I'm Julie and I share my low content publishing journey with people like you who want to know how to publish and profit.

I realized that people needed something that would literally walk them through the process of publishing from start to finish, make taking action an easy and fun thing to do, and hold them accountable {without being all judgey and harsh.}

So I created the Quarter 4 Focus - a multi-media, multi-platform experience focused on one element of low content publishing so that challengers can focus and take action.

And I'm actually doing this right alongside you - creating and publishing as YOU create and publish! This is not just researched and rehashed information...

I show you exactly what I do to profit with planners and all you have to do is follow along and take action!

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