Publish a 2020 Fitness Game Plan

Alright, we’ve discussed how you can profit with paperback personal planners, paperback health/medical journals…now, let’s talk about publishing a 2020 fitness game plan!

First of all, there’s a reason big brands do a hard push around the holidays – they know that come January, people will be laser-focused on goals, weight loss, and getting fit. 

Sure, you could create a food journal or fitness planner and be done. But what if you could stand out a little more and create more value for your buyer?

Here’s MY game plan for helping YOU create a 2020 Fitness Game Plan{ner}!

What You’ll Need to Get Started

Publish a 2020 Fitness Game Plan

✅ Before we begin, you’ll want to get this 2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR.
Trust me, you’re going to need it.
*Send me your purchase receipt and get access to my implementation bonus where I actually create a fitness game plan journal from scratch!* 

You’re also going to need this prompt journal composer if you want a quick way to create prompt pages {if you already have it, you’re one step ahead!}

Note: you can do this strategy without these tools but you’ll work harder and it’ll take longer. It can be done, though, so no excuses!

A 2020 Fitness Game…Planner?


What I’m talking about is a twist on the typical fitness journal/planner.

I’m talking about taking this product a step further and adding in MORE VALUE.

This would be a higher content book because you’re going to be helping people create THEIR fitness game plan – it’ll be more than a personal planner, more than a prompt journal…and a hybrid of BOTH.

Do Some Research

Before you begin, you’ll want to do some research. See what books are already selling on Amazon, which tells you what people are BUYING.

See what keywords people are using to search for books like this on Amazon.

See what keywords people are using on search engines to find out more about fitness, health goals and plans, working out, losing weight, gaining strength, and changing lifestlyes.

Create a master list of words and phrases that you can use to create your book’s title, subtitle, and book listing. 

Create an Outline for Your Planner – What’s it Going to Include?

Start by brainstorming what features you want your fitness game planner to have. Some ideas could be:

  • Monthly calendar pages
  • Weekly planning calendar
  • Habit trackers
  • Journal pages
  • Prompt pages
  • Note pages
  • Checklist pages
  • Activity pages
  • Tip pages
  • Dot grid pages
  • Coloring Pages
  • … What else?
Plan out your fitness game planner interior

Start Building Out Your Book

Think about how you’ll use the content in this PLR pack. Keep in mind that you MUST rewrite everything in your own words – that’s just how it has to be done to stay in Amazon’s good graces. 

But the great news is that even if many of us use this strategy, because we’re all creating something unique from it, no two books will be the same!

Here’s what I’d do with this content to create a unique and value-packed fitness game planner:

  • Re-write each article in my own words and include a few of these articles in several versions of my planner
  • Use each article and break it up into “tip pages” – only featuring the highlights and include them at the top of each week/month
  • Create quotes and tips and include them at the top of each page as little “points of instruction/inspiration.”
  • Turn the articles into prompts and have them at the top of journal pages or – if they’re longer articles – have them opposite a journal page {this is where your journal prompt program comes in handy – you can see how it works in this walkthrough!}
  • Turn the articles into checklists
  • DEFINITELY add in other PLR content that I have on hand – like journal templates, coloring pages and diet-themed articles {you could make this a diet-specific fitness game planner!}
  • Come up with several unique slants/topics for this planner – yoga-themed, diet-themed, general nutrition-themed, bodyweight exercise-themed, running-themed…you get the idea. 

Finalize & Publish!

Once you have your interior done, you can create your cover and publish!  Easy peasy!

And sure, you want to publish on KDP but I would also put this up as a digital product. 

As I said before, I would create multiple versions of this type of book so that I could target different audiences – men, women,  ____________ diet, runners, walkers, sport-specific, beginners, etc. 

So if this seems like a strategy you’d like to pursue as we enter the New Year {and keep in mind that fitness is an EVERGREEN topic!}, grab this 2020 Fitness Game Plan PLR and get to work!

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