Promote Your Books with Custom Albums

I know. You might not feel like you need to do much marketing. But what if I told you that you could promote your books with custom albums that were super easy to create and even easier to share?

Promote low content paperback books with custom albums for sharing on social media

Cool, right?

Whether you’re creating and selling paperback notebooks, journals, non-fiction or fiction, if you sell books, you can use today’s marketing tip. 

You’ll need to either save your book covers as images or use a handy-dandy snipping tool to grab ’em off Amazon. You’ll also need an image editing tool – I use PowerPoint but you can use any you like. 

Watch the just-over-20-minute video below to see how easy and FUN this strategy is! 

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  1. Hi Julie

    Can we/are we allowed to put a link on the image that will take them to the product? Or just put the link on our Facebook Business Page to the product? I know Facebook doesn’t like us taking their users off Facebook. It seems the guidelines/rules seem to change regarding this. Thanks for your awesome tutorials! They’re the bomb 💣!

    1. Hey, Chrissy!

      Yes, you CAN post your image so that it links out. BUT, I believe it’s best to post your custom album as an image. Namely, because it gets seen by more people – Facebook tamps down link posts. A workaround is to share a link – or links – in the comments of THAT image post.

      Another thing you can do is encourage your followers to message you with their order – this has the added bonus of building relationships with your audience.

      You can also use this strategy for promoting things other than products – what about a selection of blog posts? Or freebies? Or services?

      As far as I know, sharing links isn’t against FB terms. Here’s an interesting post for best practices {updated for 2019}: https://www.falcon.io/insights-hub/case-stories/cs-social-media-strategy/optimize-your-facebook-links-in-2018/ Pay particular attention to this section -> Use images correctly in your link posts VERY interesting points there!

      Hope that helps {and glad you like my tutorials!},

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