Shopify Success with Printables Ecom Academy Plus Buyer Bonus

Shopify Success with Printables Ecom Academy and Bonus

The Printables Ecom Academy launch is coming up and I can’t WAIT. I got a sneak peek to review it and wanted to share my thoughts here with you.

Building a Shopify store from scratch with little to no training or instruction is HARD. I know because that’s exactly how I built my shop.

Have you been thinking about getting OFF of Etsy to sell your printables or start your own Shopify eCommerce shop? I highly recommend it!

When I started my store, I was excited because I’d have so much control over that branch of my business but there was no WAY I was willing to pay thousands to learn the shortcut for getting set up.

I learned by doing.

I actually prefer selling printable and digital products in my Shopify store but there’s a serious lack of help out there for us!

Printables Ecom Academy just might change that and my favorite thing about it {so far!} is that it doesn’t come with the HEFTY price tag of comparable courses.

If you’ve been priced out of Shopify courses that cost thousands {yes, THOUSANDS!} then you’re going to love this.

Becky Beach and Niranjan Pradhan have teamed up to create an excellent resource that will lead you step-by-step through the signup process, getting set up, creating and listing your products, and marketing, too.

In this post, I’m going to give you a tour of Printables Ecom Academy – and the upsells.

I’m also going to let you in on what my premium and exclusive bonus is when you purchase through me.

Starting 5/6 at 11 AM EST you can skip all the chit-chat and just buy Printables Ecom Academy with my bonus.

Printables Ecom Academy can help you create printables like checklists and to-do lists – and list them for sale in your own Shopify store!

Why Sell Printables with a Shopify Store?

So why would you want to sell printables with Shopify anyway?

Because you have so much more CONTROL over your business – both the marketing AND the income.

Shopify is a powerful platform with shopping cart capabilities but you can build a site and blog with it, too.

You can also attach your store to your blog by linking to it, which is what I’ve done on this site.

With more control comes more responsibility, though, so be prepared to focus on marketing and taxes, if your product/state calls for it.

But you will LOVE the passive income you can build with a printables business!

You Cannot Just Build It and Expect Them to Come

No one seems to want say this part.

A lot of times, sales copy {for all kinds of products} implies “push-button income” and I just have not experienced that.

Income requires work.

I like that Becky and Niranjan say it right on the sales page:

Printables Ecom Academy - it will take action to succeed

Many times, the missing piece is that you have to get people to your offer.


And a lot of people struggle with this part.

Maybe you do, too.

I’ll be talking about this very thing in my bonus for those who purchase the FULL funnel of Printables Ecom Academy through me. Your bonus is waiting for you immediately after you purchase, too. #Winning!

Load Up Your Shopify Printables Store with Done-For-You Products

When you purchase Printables Ecom Academy, the next offer you’ll get is the option to purchase done-for-you {DFY} products you can customize and add to your shop.

Also known as “commercial use” products, these can be great if you want a shortcut but YOU MUST SIGNIFICANTLY EDIT these products before you sell them.

Change the layout, change fonts, add elements, add text, and mix and match pages.

Easy peasy!

It’s also pretty easy to create printables yourself. It’s very similar to creating interiors for your KDP books.

If you need more DFY products, you can find my signature mix ‘n’ match journal and planner templates in my shop!

Learn how to Use Pinterest and Drive Traffic to Your Printable Shop

And the final upsell will be for a training on driving traffic to your shop with Pinterest.

I’m going to let you in on a secret: I don’t love Pinterest right now.

But I can’t ignore that Pinterest IS a search engine these days and it DOES send traffic.

For free.

And again, rather than figure this part out on your own, you can choose the Ecom Traffic upgrade to learn how Becky uses Pinterest and gets traffic to her printable products.

What’s priceless about this offer is that you are learning from someone who is SUCCESSFULLY SELLING PRINTABLES WITH SHOPIFY.

And she is doing VERY well for herself.

Success leaves clues, right? Well, Becky is successful and she’s telling you exactly how she got to where she is with her Shopify shop.


My Bonus for Printables Ecom Academy

When you get Printables Ecom Academy through my affiliate link, you get my exclusive bonus for free!

My exclusive bonus – Buyer Boost! – is a private mini-training that covers the all-too-important skill of getting BUYERS to your products.

I talk beginner and advanced strategies, keyword research tips, printable shop “espionage” and more. 

Oh, and you get this bonus for the FE so it’s up to you if you want to get one or both of the upsells {and yes, they’re VERY good offers.}

Ready to Dive in to Printables Ecom Academy?

There’s a good chance that you’re ready to start learning from Printables Ecom Academy and I really do encourage you to do so!

I’m not going to do any countdowns or try to push you into buying.

Not my style. 😉

But I do want you to know that this training is at the lowest price it will ever be.

Becky and Niranjan DO plan on raising the price and will likely continue to do so over time.

So if you are on the fence, just know that the price today is the lowest it will EVER be {and this course is already currently selling on Teachable for $400+…I’ve seen it for myself.}

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