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Monday, May 8th - Sunday, May 14th 2023

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Hi Affiliates!

Julie Coffman here letting you know about my next launch.

It's called One-Pager Money Makers and it's an on-demand course participants can access anytime to learn how to create and publish simple in-demand, one-page digital products.

This course is different in a couple of ways. 

First, it focuses SOLELY on one-page products, which makes it easy for beginners and enticing for established publishers and shop owners who want creative ideas for new products to sell. 

Second, I will be demonstrating REAL products that I create for one of my own REAL brands so participants will see an actual example of what they can do. 

Third, I'm offering a private off-social brainstorming group in my Low Content Clubhouse community.

And finally, I will be hosting a live brainstorming Q&A so participants can get direct help, feedback, and spend some time working on shared program tasks {this is an optional perk but should be fun!}

Here's a breakdown of what's being covered:

  • The "money maker mindset"
  • Idea generation
  • Easy-peasy research
  • Creating "quick-list" products
  • Producing and publishing
  • Money Maker marketing

PLUS, I'm including some "built-in bonuses!"

I've created a list of 100 one-page product ideas in checklist format. Participants can use this to jumpstart product creation AND use the checklist to check off products they've created. 

Buyers will also get the option to participate in a "virtual coffee date" where I'll host a topic-focused Q&A and a coworking session. 

Offer Details

one pager money makers companion guide

FE:  $37 Limited Time Offer

{Price goes up to $67 on 5/15/23}

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Total Revenue Contest

This contest is based on the total revenue across the front end and both OTOs and runs from 9AM ET on May 8th to 11:59PM ET on May 14th, 2023.

Prizes for top 3 affiliates

Your Audience Will LOVE This! 

Here's What People Say About My Courses + Challenges...

"This challenge took my graphics and research skills up another notch. Highly recommend!"

"I thought the course was excellent and I learned a lot. Highly recommend!"

"I don't usually do challenges- especially not paid ones - because I quickly lose interest. I didn't miss a day on this one! If you get a chance to take this challenge - do it!"

"Julie is VERY approachable and real. Any opportunity to learn from her should be grasped since her teaching style is readily available for both the beginner and challenging for the more advanced publisher. She is very creative and thoughtful about how she approaches book designing and passes on the creativity in a way that the student can really take what they learn and run with it."

"This 2-week challenge got me looking at low content books from a new and improved angle. Julie training style is relaxed and inviting...make for a sharing and helping environment with the group. I looked forward to opening the emails everyday. Thank you."

"I would definitely recommend this course to others. Amazing step by step tutorials that are great for newbies and those tech challenged. Well worth the cost of the course."

Swipe Copy

Subject: Simple One-Page Money Makers!

Hey, |*FNAME*|!

Want to get started creating and selling digital products like printables?

Are you discouraged by previous attempts to create and sell digital products that didn't get you the results you wanted?

Do you feel like there isn't enough time or resources to create and market a successful digital product?

Are you struggling to find profitable niche ideas that resonate with your target audience?

Are you ready to have more fun in your low content product biz than you've ever had?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Julie's One-Pager Money Makers Workshop is just the thing!

In this on-demand course, Julie is giving you step-by-step guidance on how to create and sell profitable one-page, in-demand digital products, even if you have no prior experience or technical skills.

In this next-level course, you'll discover:

How to tap into a "money maker mindset."
How to generate creative and profit-pulling ideas from a neverending supply of inspiration
How to look for an interpret what's selling right now and leverage that information for your own products
How to create lots of different types of "one pagers" and "quick-list" them
Simple steps for getting your products listed on any platform you want to sell from
"Money Maker Marketing" methods that are incredibly simple to implement

There's also a
BUILT-IN BONUS of 100 one-pager ideas in checklist format you can use to jumpstart your product creation and even develop your own personal publishing challenge!

Learn how to
create and sell profitable one-page digital products that sell like hotcakes.

Enroll today and start creating your own one-pager money makers!




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