No-Content and Low-Content Publishing Blueprint Review Part 1

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No-Content and Low-Content Publishing Blueprint Review Part 1

Today, I’m reviewing the No-Content and Low-Content Publishing Blueprint by Shashawat Ashiya

Y’all know I love reviewing courses. 😁

This serves two purposes: I get to check out cool trainings I can implement for MYSELF and I can be of service to you all by sharing my thoughts about it, which could save you time, money, or both and either help you boost your business or prevent you from headaches and hassle.

Shashawat has a handful of videos on YouTube, where he shares tips for profiting with no- and low-content books on KDP as well as income reports for 2019-2020.

These are a great place to start and they do give some information to get you going, but you’re still going to have some questions after watching them. They’re all informative with pretty good value, but they’re not meant to be in-depth training, which is where his course comes in.

I’ve known he’s had a course for some time. So…why did I decide to review it now?

Why I Chose to Review This Course

I want to level up my income and that means figuring out how to make more money in less time, with less effort on my part.

That means ads.

And I’m just not naturally talented in that area.

I don’t love trial-and-error, checking data, a/b testing, and all that. {Yuck!}

I don’t have a natural gift or intuition for advertising. {Boy, do I WISH!}

But it’s necessary to grow my income exponentially.

You know those publishers who have just a few books with BIG BSR numbers? Yeah, they’re advertising and marketing they’re books. They’re not just relying on organic traffic from Amazon. They’re not just listing a book, crossing they’re fingers, and hoping they sell books.

They are putting they’re book in FRONT of people.

So rather than figure it out on my own, I remembered that Shashawat talked about a simple ad strategy he used.

Then, I remembered that he had a course.

I thought, “Well, I want to level up my ad game and he says he gives a specific, behind-the-scenes look into his strategy…why not?”

And the course includes his research tips, the types of books he creates, etc.

Check out this screenshot from the sales page:

So I decided to go through the course and share my experience with you guys.

I have a pretty solid understanding of how to make money publishing low content books.

I’ve taken some courses, read some books, and I’ve implemented what I’ve learned so I have a pretty comprehensive, working knowledge of the process and what works for me.

But recently I’ve just felt distracted and overwhelmed.

You get it, right?

There’s a new person promoting a course that promises more money or less effort or better results and it’s very compelling.

Several of the ones I’ve seen lately have a price tag in the hundreds {⬅️ that’s PLURAL 😳.}

One instructor makes a claim of making $30K in their business but provides no timeline or framework of consistent income and based on public product sales, doesn’t seem to be making that anymore.

Could it be that their focus has shifted?

If that’s the case, does their process really work?

Why stop doing what works to teach? Wouldn’t you want to do both? {Um…YES.}

Anyway, I admit it, I’ve bought into the promises. Fell for the perfectly-chosen words that are meant to compel me to buy.

And you know what?

It was nothing NEW. It was well put-together, it was said from a different perspective…but it was all the same information said in a different way.

Creating content for beginners is great, but I’m not a beginner anymore.

Sure, sometimes you get some really valuable tip you can implement and level up, but not always. Sometimes it’s just “same stuff, different day.”

That being said, why this course? Why now?

Well, I thought I’d breathe some life into my business.

On YouTube, Shashawat shares some pretty cool content. He shares what he does, step-by-step, and even includes what looks like real-time income reports.

{Disclaimer: I am incredibly wary of income reports. They can be faked, people can SAY anything they want, and what they accomplish doesn’t determine what I can, so I just take all that with a grain of salt.}

Long story short, it felt like the right time for me to get back to basics, too. Stop focusing on all the things I could do and choose to focus on leveling up my paperback publishing strategy.

I can still create blog posts and printables and challenges…but I know from personal experience that when you dial in and get REALLY good at something, it pays off {literally!}

This course seemed like a good way to step back and learn something new – because it just didn’t seem like the same old rehashed info.

And another thing: I completely respect when someone shares a solid strategy and is still implementing the strategy themselves!

The Sales Page

Let’s take a look at the sales page for this course.

It’s very simple, to-the-point, and doesn’t have a lot of detail about what’s included in the course, which can be a little misleading because he packs in so much information!

The page starts off at the very tippy top saying that enrollment is open, suggesting that enrollment will close at some point.

Then, as I stated before, the headline says, “Discover my exact proven step-by-step blueprint for starting & sealing a profitable publishing business.”

Shashawat then introduces himself and provides some testimonials from his students, which are pretty compelling.

Some state that they think he should be charging more, some share a screenshot of how much they’ve earned that year, some share their impression of the course.

Testimonials don’t do much to sway me, because they’re so subjective and they can be stolen or faked. While they wouldn’t be the deciding factor for me, they’re nice to see.

The buy button is at the top right and the course costs $99.99 at the time of writing.

But that’s it.

Really short, very simple, and not much detail about what to expect in the course.

If I were coming to this page without any background information about the instructor or the subject, I might not buy this particular course before other courses that have sales pages that tell me exactly what I’m going to learn, provide more detail about what to expect in the course, the solutions the course provides, the problems I could solve, etc.

The Order Process

There’s a little more detail about what’s included in the course on the order page.

It’s HERE that we learn more about what we can expect to learn:

  • An exact updated niche, keyword and design research process
  • Different Amazon Advertising strategies for Low Content and No Content Books that haven’t been shared before
  • Some profitable niches and their interiors
  • Fundamentals and advanced concepts – tons of value whether you’re a beginner or an experienced publisher
  • The winning mindset that enabled Shashawat to scale his publishing business to where it’s at today
  • Design fundamentals and tutorials for making beautiful covers and interiors

Plus some extras:

  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Personal mentoring
  • Living course – the course will continue to get updated and you get lifetime access
  • Regular Live Q/A sessions

The same testimonials are included in the sidebar on this page and there’s only one buy button at the top of that page.

You simply click the button to add the course to your cart and go through the standard check out process.

You’ll be emailed an order confirmation and your login details. You’ll click the link to set your password and you can start the course right away.

My Initial Thoughts About the No-Content and Low Content Publishing Blueprint

Based on Shashawat’s YouTube videos, I’m hopeful to see even more in-depth content about how he publishes and advertises his books.

At this point, I don’t need much help with how KDP works, mindset, and book creation but I’m always open to new ways of thinking about these things and even better if he has a more streamlined way of getting things done.

I don’t know if I’ll join the Facebook group for this course. I really don’t need MORE to do on Facebook. But I probably will, for no other reason than to fully review all of the resources we get when we sign up for this course.

In the next part, I start going through the course. First up, the Introduction module and then Mindset for Success.

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