Niche Research Tips for Low Content Publishing

Researching keywords and niches for low content books is often a sticking point for publishers.

How DO you research keywords and choose a niche for books that will actually sell?

Watch me begin my research in the videos below!

Publishing a Low Content Book from Scratch Video 1

Publishing a Low Content Book from Scratch Video 2

Next Step - Creating a Low Content Planner Interior


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  1. Thanks for the keyword finder help. AMZ and Google’s keyword finder are new to me. I only added Google and then I was squeamish as it warns that it can get into my info and change things. Do you worry about that? I loaded up AMZ, but it sounded pretty invasive and I removed it. Loving your videos, but I don’t have PPT 2016, only 2010. It probably is way out of date for using all the tricks and tips you are offering. Thank you.

    1. Hey, JQ!

      I don’t worry about permissions as I personally didn’t mind. But you can always do keyword research manually to get the search volume and just use the basic autosuggest features on Google and Amazon. It’s just more work for you. So whatever you’re more comfortable with!

      I use PPT 2010, too! I’ve even use 2007. I can still do everything I need to do. You just want to make sure you set up your image output to 300 dpi and there are videos on YouTube showing you how to do that. Another option for creating these books is Google Slides, which I know others use. But I don’t know about creating covers with that. You could always do your covers in the KDP cover creator or Canva.

      ~ Julie

    1. I can’t believe I didn’t have my sharing set up! Thanks for bring this to my attention and I’m all set up now! Thanks for liking my stuff enough to save and share! <3

      ~ Julie

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