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My 2019 Black Friday Deals for Low Content Publishers

Should I be shopping Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals for low content publishers? In short, yes.

I’m going to assume that you know yourself, your business, your goals, and your needs. {Because y’all are just SMART, ok?}

And I’m also going to assume that you know your budget and know that it’s not the best idea to shop on impulse {but if I’m being REAL, I will DEFINITELY pick up a deal on impulse if it will meet a current need or get me closer to my goals in the future…I’m just a shopper, people.}

So if you have a budget to work with, it’s definitely a good time to shop for some once-a-year-or-less-often deals that can help you move forward in your business.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Can I afford this?
  • Will this help me right now?
  • Will this help me in the near future?
  • Will this help me reach a goal or level up my skills?
  • Will this save me lots of time or money?
  • Can I use this or implement this right away and turn it into more money in my pocket?

Your answers will help you decide if a product or offer is right for you right now.

Keep in mind, there’s always going to be another “thing.” Successful products and services usually come back around with another deal at another time that’s just as good {or better!}

And you want to be really REAL with yourself here – if something is just going to sit on your computer unused…skip it! Don’t buy the template, don’t buy the tool. Sit your butt down and use what you have RIGHT NOW to produce and publish some books. 

Because the NUMBER ONE thing you need right now is to take action by creating and publishing books.


Cue end of butt-kicking.

Now, let’s move on to the deals!

FREE 30-Day Project Planner & Goal Tracker

30-day project planner and goal tracker

Grab this massive freebie for a limited time and get access to a SECRET booster pack! 

8.5 x 11 and comes in PowerPoint format for easy editing. Simply edit, save as a PDF, and publish!

Easily mix and match with other templates you have {or grab my booster pack for 40 more goal, productivity, and planning layouts and mix those in!}

✅  Get it for free when you sign up here!

Quick & Easy Pins for Publishers

Quick and Easy Pins for Publishers Video Course for Low Content Publishing

More than just a “how to do Pinterest” course – Quick & Easy Pins for Publishers teaches you my strategy for quickly creating pins – and how I use these pins to promote my books. 

I keep it super simple.

If you can create book covers in PowerPoint, you can do this!

imagine quickly creating beautiful pins that promote your books…pins that pinners actually want to click on!

Being able to create these pins lickety-split, over and over, will result in more people seeing your books and more eyes on your books means more chances to make the sale.

On sale for just $20 when you use coupon code: blackfridayquickpins
Regular Price: $47

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Mix ‘n’ Match Dot Grid Template Pack

Done for You Mix n Match Dot Grid Journal Templates PLR

50 unique dot grid layouts in 3 popular sizes! 

Non-bleed; PowerPoint format. 

Tap into the HOT bullet journaling niche!

Use these for creating standalone books or include individual layouts in your other planners, journals, and logbooks.

On sale for $15 when you use coupon code: blackfriday60offbujo
Regular Price: $37

Black Friday Deals from Other Sellers

I’ve hand-picked a select few Black Friday promotions from other sellers that you might want to consider. The things I’m sharing today are things that I personally use in my own business. 

I don’t promote everything I come across for a few reasons. Sometimes a product doesn’t live up to MY standards of quality, sometimes an offer is redundant or overlaps another product I promote that’s better, sometimes I just don’t have enough experience with something to be able to back it 100%, sometimes I just choose not to recommend something. 

And yes, sometimes, an offer is just garbage. 😄

But these deals are great and if they’re a good fit for your needs, go for it! 

Cute Cuss Words Coloring Pack

✅  Loving this mega pack of PG-rated, salty swear words that are actually kid-friendly! 

One of the biggest questions I get asked is: how do I use these coloring pages for publishing on KDP?

Here are my top tips: 

  • Do not compile and publish “as is.” 
  • Mix them with other coloring pages
  • Add in activity and puzzle pages
  • Create unique journal pages
  • Create sketchbook pages

That’s it! It’s not hard to come up with a unique design. 

And don’t be worried about these designs showing up in other coloring books – that happens! Take a look at a handful of coloring books in a local grocery store or bookstore and you’ll notice that some books share designs!

The key is to mix things up, add in unique elements and pages, and then publish.

Design Bundles $1 Black Friday Event!

I LOVE Design Bundles. They have amazing dollar deals, bundles, mega packs, graphics, fonts…

✅  And starting November 29, you can get over 8,000 products — with 500 copies for sale — for $1 ONLY.

Creative Fabrica All Access Subscription

Image may contain: text

✅  Starting at Midnight PST on Friday, you can get Creative Fabrica’s all-access subscription for as little as $9. The price increases by $1 after every 250 sales. 


This is something might want to set your alarm for. 

Note: Keep in mind that if you cancel your membership with items you’ve downloaded but haven’t used, you forfeit the license to use those items {you can re-purchase}. Anything you’ve used/published when your subscription was active is fine. 

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