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Make a Digital Flipbook for Free in PowerPoint

Make a Digital Flipbook in PowerPoint for Free - image with laptop showing preview of tutorial with doodles

An easy way to promote your books is to make a digital flipbook for free in PowerPoint.

Why should you be promoting your books when Amazon does such a good job of getting eyes on your book listings? 

Because marketing your books gives you even MORE opportunities for sales – even if you’re just publishing on Amazon right now. 

AND if you’re publishing on other platforms like Shopify or your own blog, you can create a simple flipbook online and add a digital flipbook onto your listings and pages as a way for buyers to preview what they’re getting. 

You could also create your flipbook video and share THAT to your social media pages!

I haven’t been doing this up until now, not even for showcasing my commercial use templates and planners.

But I decided I wanted to add this feature to my listings and blog posts, so I began looking for a way to do it that didn’t cost much or – even better – was completely free. 

I asked other template and PLR sellers what software they were using to make digital flipbooks and I got a handful of products to look into.

But my favorite response was that one gal was using PowerPoint and screen recording software and it didn’t cost her a cent!

The Best Free Flipbook Maker – PowerPoint!

Now I will say that PowerPoint isn’t free unless you already own it. So if you don’t have this program, this tutorial isn’t going to help. 

That being said, I know MOST of you guys have PowerPoint, so you can definitely make a simple digital flipbook and start promoting as soon as TODAY.

And if you don’t have PowerPoint, I highly recommend purchasing it for creating low content books. 

When you’ve set up your PowerPoint file, it’s time to record your screen and make a digital flipbook!

Watch Me Make a Digital Flipbook

The first place I went to research how to do this was YouTube.

There are a few tutorials but you have to dig for ’em and to save you some time, I figured I’d just show you the two top techniques I learned that you can use to make your own flipbook and start promoting your books!

You will need PowerPoint for this strategy as well as a way to record your screen {which I talk more about below and in the video.}

The Finished Result! Simple Digital Flipbooks I Created with PowerPoint!

One Page Flipbook Demo

Two-Page Flipbook Demo

Record Your Flipbook 

This part might take some practice if you haven’t been recording your screen at this point. 

Luckily, it’s super easy to make a screencast video.

How to do this is outside the scope of this post, but with a tool like Screencast-o-Matic, it’s as easy as “Start > Record > Publish.”

Screencast-o-Matic has a free version, but your videos will be limited to 15 minutes and will have a watermark. The paid option is cheap, though, so consider that if you’ll be creating a lot of screen recordings!

CamStudio is another free option, but I don’t have experience with this one. I have heard good things, though.

Create a Flipbook from a PDF

To create a flipbook from a PDF with this technique, you’ll need to convert your PDF to a PowerPoint file using something like ILovePDF.

Then, just follow the same steps I share in the video!

Converting a PDF and creating a flipbook could come in handy as you build your inventory.

As you can see, you’re not just limited to creating a digital flipbook with your low content books when you know how to convert a PDF to a PPT file and turn THAT into a simple flipbook video.

It’s Time to Make Your Own Flipbook!

Let’s review. 

  • You need PowerPoint for this strategy and I’m using the latest version {but I’m pretty certain you can do this in 2007 and 2010}.
  • You will need a screen recording program – I use Screencast-o-Matic and another option is CamStudio.
  • Make sure you have a cover page that doesn’t use a transition.
  • Use either Peel Up or Page Curl to transition your pages.
  • Start your presentation from the beginning and record yourself flipping the pages.
  • Make it fun by adding commercial use or royalty-free music!
  • Share your video anywhere and everywhere, including on social media!

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  1. Hmm…now that I think about it…I probably could have done the page curl transition with a two-page layout. Duh! So I’ll try it that way next!

  2. Many moons ago I did this with my first books. Need to get back to this. I do believe that I used windows movie maker for the recording. A timely reminder to check it out again.

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