KDP Fee Changes as of June 20, 2023

Amazon KDP fee changes june 2023

So Amazon is making a pretty significant change to KDP – the cost to print your books is going up effective 6/20/23. Not by a lot, but it’ll be up to you to decide if you need to change your prices. 

But in my opinion, the fees aren’t a big deal – just adjust your prices accordingly.

Here’s what the changes look like if you publish on Amazon.com {you’ll need to look at the help page for changes to each country’s platform}:

Black and White Paperbacks

Color Ink Paperbacks

Hardcover Books

I know those are hard to see but clicking on those will take you to the help page about this. 

It used to be that ALL books published on Amazon.com were $0.85 plus $0.12 per page. Period. 

Now, they’ve split up the fee structure based on smaller and larger books and the prices differ for each. For black and white paperbacks, both have a fixed cost of $1.00 per book but smaller books charge the original $0.12 per page and larger books cost $0.17 per page.  

It’s not a HUGE increase but it’s an increase. 😕

I personally still think KDP is GREAT but it’ll be important to know the new pricing structure and decide whether or not you need to update your book prices. 

Here’s a direct link to the SOURCE – Amazon’s KDP Help Section with ALL the fee info.

READ that.

So tell me, does this change affect how YOU will continue to run your publishing biz?

Until next time…

~ Julie

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