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I got to review Instant Puzzle Generator this week and it has really impressed me!

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When I emailed my readers about this, I mentioned that I was using another tool before but that there was a huge flaw in the tool – the diagonal solutions only read left-to-right, top-to-bottom.

Some of us users asked the creator about it and we were told that it could be fixed but wasn’t a priority and wouldn’t happen any time soon.


And while this flaw wasn’t a deal-breaker, I couldn’t UN-see it anymore, so I stopped using it and focused on other projects. 🤷‍♀️

However, while testing IPG, when I brought this up to one of the creators…it became an option in less than 24 hours AND you have the choice of using this feature or not!

I show an example of it in the video below and I also answer some questions I’ve received.

One thing I forgot to mention about adding clip art to your puzzles if you’re publishing on KDP, you have to make them black/white/gray! To do this, click the Picture Format tab, then Color, then select a black and white option.

Change clipart color to gray before publishing to KDP

Hope this helps!

🎥 Behind the Scenes – Instant Puzzle Generator

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