How to Take Mandala Coloring PLR and Publish a Paperback or Printable

Create paperbacks and printables with coloring pages!

One of my survey-takers specifically wanted to know what to do with their mandala PLR, how to make it unique, and self-publish as a paperback on Amazon or as a printable. 

The key with using coloring PLR – or ANY PLR – is to make it at least 51% unique – the more unique, the better. 

I show you how I repurpose coloring PLR in the videos below. You can probably come up with some unique techniques yourself! Remember to drop me a comment and share your thoughts on using commercial use coloring pages! 

Always check the usage rights before you even START working with PLR {even better if you check them before purchasing.} 

If you have questions about a license, just contact the PLR seller. 

For example, I use Rayven’s coloring membership and in her rules, it sounds like you can’t use her images as-is and publish on Amazon but actually you CAN {I’ve asked her and suggest you confirm with your sellers, too.}

It’s Amazon that says no PLR but what they’re wanting is unique content, so all you need to do is make your coloring PLR unique…I show you how in the videos below!

Oh, and if you happen to use written PLR, here’s the key for using it to publish a book on Amazon: rewrite every single word, mix in different types of content, and even better if you add in totally unique content that YOU write.

And yes, we can utilize written PLR for our low content books!

If you need some awesome coloring PLR, I share my favorite resources below the videos.

Let’s get to it! Enjoy.

use mandala and coloring plr to publish notebooks and journals on kdp or etsy

Coloring PLR Tips for Self-Publishers Part 1

Coloring PLR Tips for Self-Publishers Part 2

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