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This is going to be an epic How to Draw Books Generator review. I’ve decided to do this because 1. it’ll be helpful for YOU, 2. it’ll help ME better understand the tool, and 3. I enjoy doing posts like this where I get to dig into a product, learn the ins-and-outs of it, and share my thoughts.

Another reason I want to do this review is that this app is highly-anticipated in the low content community.

I was given review access and have been able to spend quite a bit of time exploring and learning and practicing.

โœ… Please note that I am providing my affiliate link in case you want to check out the app before you get to my final thoughts.

But no spoilers. Let’s get to it!

What to Know About My How to Draw Books Generator Review

I want you to know that my How to Draw Books Generator Review is my unbiased opinion and insight about this product.

Even though I was given review access, I am sharing my actual experience with this tool and what I really think about it.

What ARE “How to Draw” Books?

It’s all in the name: these books demonstrate how to draw stuff.

If you know a kid who likes to draw and doodle or you were at ALL interested in drawing when you were a kid, you’ve probably seen these books.

They show, step-by-step, how to draw things like animals, flowers, people, faces, etc.

I had found the “how to draw” niche a long time ago but at the time, I couldn’t see a way for the non-professional, non-techy publisher to break into it.

There are loads of them on Amazon and independent publishers like you and me ARE creating and selling these books.

how to draw books are selling well on Amazon - use this SAAS to create them even if you're not a professional illustrator

Who are These Books For?

You probably think these books are meant for kids and, while kids are probably a large part of the target market, adults want to learn how to draw stuff, too.

In fact, I’M a consumer of this niche!

I used to love to draw as a kid. I was on the path to going to art school and my dream was to become an animator for Disney {LIFE, huh? ๐Ÿ™ƒ}

That wasn’t the path I took and I kind of put this passion of mine behind me…filed it away in the back of my mind.

But not long ago, I started doodling again and it sparked something. I remembered how much I LOVED drawing and creating stuff.

So I picked up some of these books for ME!

And being a planner girl myself, I love using drawings and doodles in planner layouts, my journal, in my notes, etc.

So, YES, grown-ups are a target audience, too! ๐Ÿ˜Š

How Are How-To-Draw Books Used?

These books are meant to be used, they’re meant for practice, and they’re meant to be doodled in!

It’s pointless to pick up these books and let them collect dust on the shelf.

Your buyer is either going to draw in the book themselves or give the book to someone that’ll draw in it.

So when you create these books, you have to keep in mind that layouts are important.

Will the generator make this easy? We’ll find out!

How’s The Sales Page?

I appreciate that the sales page addresses that this IS a big niche ripe with profit potential and that up to now, there wasn’t an easy way for the average, non-techie, amateur publisher to tap into it.

It’s a clean, easy-to-read page that covers:

  • The solid income stream you can make with KDP publishing {YES!}
  • Real-life examples of success others have had with their other publishing tools
  • An overview of the kinds of books available on Amazon right now
  • It’s VERY clear that the front-end offer is only talking about drawing grids

Lots of information to take in here and I recommend reading it thoroughly so you know exactly what you are getting.

I’ll also say here that if you want to be able to download your books as PPT files and create step-by-step drawing tutorials, you’ll need the upsells.

I break down the funnel in the next section.

How to Draw Books Generator – Funnel Breakdown

How to Draw Books Generator Review - detailing each offer in the funnel and what the dashboard access looks like

Here’s a detailed list of what’s included in each offer of the funnel, which includes the {front-end} main offer and three upsells:

{FE} Main Offer – $47

  • Intuitive point-and-click dashboard for easy creation of how to draw lessons based on grids
  • Control drawing grid cell sizes and number of cells
  • Create sub-grids and hide them on the fly
  • Easily label the rows and columns with numbers and letters and flip them in one click
  • Easy Image Upload functionality allows you to upload your own images.
  • Easy blank grid creation option for kids to practice drawing
  • Choose from multiple trim sizes for pages based on your book needs
  • Multiple page numbering styles for enhanced flexibility in page design
  • Show and hide margins for KDP-compatible layout designs
  • Change the rows and columns in the main grid and the internal grids on the fly
  • Neatly organized cell numbering across the rows and the columns for the kids to use while learning how to draw
  • Add titles, descriptions and instructions using the super flexible drag-and-drop text editor
  • 900+ font options to choose from
  • Download a single how-to-draw worksheet or a complete workbook with just 1-CLICK.
  • Download files in multiple formats including PDF, PNG and JPG
  • Detailed training included
  • Up to 100 downloads per month
  • A dedicated support team that simply put, cares about your success
  • Clone single page
  • Work at any zoom level
  • Fit to screen
  • Fit to page
  • X and Y coordinate controls to change the location of the design element inside of the drawing grid
  • Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V for custom objects (basically all items on the page)

{PRO} OTO 1 – $67

  • Simple bulk clone option
  • UNLIMITED Books Download
  • Download PPTX Files
  • Unlimited Font Color
  • Unlimited Color Choices – Gridlines
  • Half hide features that allow you to create pages where half the drawing is available and the rest is to be drawn by the kid

{PREMIUM} OTO 2 – $197 {This goes up to $497 annually after the launch}

  • Step-by-step drawing creation tool
  • Create step-by-step drawing from your own images
  • Create unique content thatโ€™s unlike anything out there
  • Easy drag and drop or upload option to add the svgs
  • Edit, clone and delete the image with one click
  • Clone feature to work on an image without changing the original fileโ€‹
  • Advanced technology to read the images of simple or complex designs
  • Create and delete layers in few clicks
  • Move elements between layers or steps
  • Merge the steps with previous or next steps in a click
  • Easy to use color codes to work with the images
  • Zoom in and out feature to work with the images
  • Bulk upload option to add multiple svgs at once
  • Premium training modules showing you the best practices to create your own content to be compatible with the tool
  • Available for a one-time fee. Immediately after the launch the price will move to an annual recurring model

{ELITE} OTO 3 – $97

  • 300 design elements
  • Created in a simple style to appeal kids aged 6-8 years
  • Call out boxes that add a cute and fun dimension to your books
  • 20 unique step-by-step drawing page layouts with BUILT-IN automation
  • ONE-SHOT multi-step insertion into a worksheet
  • ONE-SHOT multi-step multiple pages insertion into a workbook

Logging in to the App

Logging in is easy enough and you can see from the image below that it’s a nice interface where multiple access points are available if you have more than one tool.

I can see that it’s easy to access the training area, get support, and join the Facebook group where you can get even more information from the support team and other users.

I definitely like that it’s all here in one place. No wondering, “where do I go for this?”

After clicking the “Access Now” button, we’re taken to the main dashboard for the app, where we can access the tool itself.

What you see here will depend on what you purchase.

The image below shows the Elite plan, with all four levels open:

From here, you can open up the generator and begin creating your product/pages.

You’re given a default collection – or file – to work with and you can create your own collection, if you wish.

This is probably the only thing I don’t like, so far, about How to Draw Books Generator…you cannot save YOUR collection.

If you close the window, it’s gone.

So be sure to save whatever you are working on if you have created a collection yourself.

However, the default collection is always available and, even if you DELETE it, you can simply refresh the page and it’ll be there for you.

Using the App to Create Drawing Grids and Step-by-Step Drawing Activity Pages

Next, let’s talk about actually using this app to create drawing grids and step-by-step drawing activity pages.

When I first logged in, it was a little overwhelming.

Just looking at the dashboard, I couldn’t figure out what to do – on my own – right away. I tensed up because I REALLY like it when something is so easy to use I can figure out how to use it all by myself and just jump into getting started.

And don’t get me wrong…it’s pretty obvious how to add a done-for-you image onto a page. THAT’S easy.

But I wanted to do the harder stuff. You know, drawing grids and step-by-step drawing pages.

Thankfully, comprehensive training videos are included and will show you exactly what to do, how to do it, and make it easy to understand.

Unfortunately, these videos are NECESSARY for completely understanding this tool and what it’s capable of. But that’s not really a bad thing.

Especially when I’ve created a “cheat sheet” – just for my buyers – that’ll IMMEDIATELY get you started creating coloring pages, drawing grids, and step-by-step drawing pages in minutes!

Once I watched the training and understood what to do, it was so easy to create unique how-to-draw pages with line art images, drawing grids, and YES, even the step-by-step drawing instructions I was so excited about.

I’ve only used the basic features but, depending on what options you choose, there are ways to completely customize images and designs like changing image sizes, font sizes, and colors.

How To Use a Rogue SVG File With No Layering To Create a Step By Step Tutorial

One of the biggest issues what that users wanted to know what to do with non-optimal SVG files. Well, Niranjan created a great video showing you exactly what to do!

The video below shows how to take a rogue SVG file, tame it and convert it into a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

My Bonus for How to Draw Books Generator

It’s BECAUSE I’m so passionate about this resource that I’ve created a MASSIVE BONUS for it!

I call it my “How to Draw” Books Generator Bonus Pack and, boy…is it LOADED!

Here’s a peek at the private bonus area!

The bonus pack includes:

  • The HTDBG Cheat Sheet – think of this as your “jump start!” I’ve created a simple resource for getting you started right away, the RIGHT way!
  • Niche research for “how to draw” books – I’m almost sorry to give this content away because it’s THAT good. We check out demand and supply for this niche and even discover money-making slants we can use for our books!
  • A list of keywords and phrases you can use for product and niche research AND I include an over-the-shoulder video as I show YOU how to find additional keywords on your own.
  • I show you cool stuff you can add to your books – these resources will complement the pages and worksheets you create!
  • An INVALUABLE training on converting PNGs to SVGs…for FREE!
  • A demo video showing you a collection of complementary CREATIVE LAYOUTS for your books that’ll supplement the pages you create in HTDBG.
  • DFY BONUS PAGES – these templates come with commercial use rights so you can edit, modify, and customize them in your “how to draw” products, making it even easier to create something unique.

My Final Recommendation

Ultimately, I knew I’d be recommending this product but I didn’t know how PASSIONATELY I’d do so!

I LOVE this tool.

And seeing behind-the-scenes as the developers handled creating everything…it’s been incredible to see how much VALUE they have packed in.

They’ll be adding MORE VALUE even after the launch.

I also recommend the FULL SUITE of product options if you are enthusiastic about – and committed to – tapping into the how-to-draw niche.

I’ve often said that a front-end offer, and maybe the first upsell, is enough. And this is true here, too.

But when you get the full suite, all of your options open up and you have much more FLEXIBILITY for creating custom, unique products.

For example, with OTO 1, you get the option of downloading pages in PowerPoint format, which means you can further customize your products with OTHER PPT pages and layouts. You can also create “half-grids” that are used for “finish the drawing”-style activities.

Then, with OTO 2, you get the ability to create step-by-step drawing pages from YOUR OWN IMAGES. {This is a big deal}.

And with OTO 3, you get additional design elements and resources which will help set you apart even more.

But no matter what options you get, you will love creating “how to draw” books with How to Draw Books Generator!

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