Hand Drawn Mazes Review

Hand Drawn Mazes Review

This Hand Drawn Mazes review is WAY overdue. I’ll admit it…I should have published this a WEEK ago.

I’m hoping the phrase, “Better late than never” is truer now more than ever.

I’m reviewing this product because it is getting a LOT of buzz in the low content publishing community.

I also got a chance to test it as a beta tester with review access to the full funnel and I want to share my experience with you guys.

The guys behind Hand Drawn Mazes – Niranjan Pradhan and Bings Mishra – are not only good people but amazing software designers and creators who deliver some of the best customer support I’ve ever seen.

Not to mention the attention they give to customer feedback that they then use to improve their tools!

Don’t want to wait to find out whether or not I recommend this software? Click here to learn more and get access!

A Note About How I’m Reviewing Hand Drawn Mazes

I know I sound like I’m gushing…bear with me here. I promise I’m giving an objective, honest review.

If you’re new to my site or community, I’m giving fair warning: when I give a review I tear it apart and give my REAL thoughts and opinion.

I don’t just glance through a product and give a “yes” or “no.” I don’t promote as a favor.

I share the good, the bad, what works, and what doesn’t.

Hand Drawn Maze Puzzle Generator

Hand Drawn Maze Review

As of right NOW, I don’t know if this Hand Drawn Maze Puzzle Generator review is going to be a single post or multiple posts.

I’m going to get started and follow my format/outline and just see where I end up.

Should be fun, right?

What ARE Hand Drawn Mazes?

You might not know what a hand-drawn maze is. It refers to curvy, roadway-style paths that rise, fall, and curve this way and that.

Like this…

simple maze created with hand drawn mazes app

But there are many different styles you can create…

Hand Drawn Mazes puzzle type
Hand Drawn Mazes roadway style maze
Hand Drawn Mazes string maze example

And these are not the ONLY styles you can create with the software. There are many more.

All these mazes have something in common: they look as if they were hand-drawn.

The Sales Page

The sales page is beautiful and informative.

I notice that they’ve updated the page after getting “Deal of the Day” on Warrior Plus. {Well done, guys!}

Right away, you’re presented with a video {a little over 8 minutes} that introduces the topic of selling maze puzzle books on Amazon and addresses common problems people have when trying to create these types of books.

They give you an idea of how well maze activity books sell on Amazon KDP.

They have some social proof from their Facebook community.

Following that, Niranjan explains that this was something his community asked for – an affordable way to create mazes like these without being an artist or paying for custom design work.

Then we learn that there’s a 3-step process Niranjan follows to create his books and it’s similar to what big publishing brands do.

This page was very content-heavy before getting to the info that talks about what the tool actually does. I get it – it’s preselling at its best. But it did take quite a bit of reading to get to this point. In my opinion, seeing this information higher on the page might get me excited about the software sooner.

Overall, it’s a very professional page with a friendly tone that does a great job of pointing out the challenges low content publishers face in this niche.

They also clearly state that this tool will give publishers an edge that helps set their products apart in a competitive marketplace.

Up next, they’ve clearly spelled out what’s included in the main offer AND I can say from experience that this level alone can be used to quickly create maze books that can be published on KDP.

Finally, we have some testimonials, the buy button, guarantee, and FAQ.

Ultimately, it’s a good-looking sales page that is easy to read, scannable, and clearly spells out the offer.

The Sales Funnel and Order Process

Being sold via the Warrior Plus platform, the order process is pretty easy. Click, pay, access.

But this is a complex funnel with multiple offers and it does take some navigating to get through.

There are upsells – three of them – but they’re in the form of upgrades to your subscription. Each upsell offers you more features you can use to create your products.

And you don’t have to upgrade now. These will be available after the launch ends but the price will go up.

Hand Drawn Mazes Software

What IS this tool, anyway?

It’s “software as a service” {saas}. An online app that you’ll log into with your own username and password.

Basically, you’ll create a collection of mazes – you can do one type of maze, various difficulty levels, and mix and match your maze styles.

Then you can use the resources included in your purchase to add text, graphics, and more, including formatting options like color and transparent backgrounds.

You can ALSO create a very basic collection and, if you have the PRO level, download your file as a PowerPoint file and edit your book in PowerPoint!

My BONUS for the main offer helps you do just that! When you purchase through my link, you get my new course – Crazy Easy Maze Layouts in PowerPoint.

Crazy Easy Maze Layouts BONUS for Hand Drawn Mazes

Preview the Hand Drawn Mazes App

Here’s a short preview of me using the app.

I start from already being logged into the app and I do have access to the Elite level, which unlocks all features.

{There’s no audio. And you can save some time by clicking the gear to speed up the video.}

Training Videos Included

Niranjan has a “training center” for this and the other puzzle makers in the Instant Puzzle Generator suite of publishing tools.

The training videos are laser-focused on using the software and working with your mazes.

But there’s also some basic info about publishing on KDP.

And if you’re completely new to low content publishing, I’d recommend checking out my signature foundation course, Low Content Publishing 101.

The ONLY Thing I Don’t Like About This Custom Maze Generator

The only thing I don’t like about this custom maze generator is this: you can’t save your work in the app. Once you close the tab, you lose your work.

So you MUST remember to download your mazes to save them.

This is kind of a huge “con” but it’s not a deal-breaker.

Here’s how I work around it…

I create a very simple collection of the mazes I want – no text, no graphics. THEN I download them as a PPT file and I work with my maze collection in PowerPoint!

NOTE: You MUST have access to the PRO level {the first upgrade} to be able to do this.

Don’t Draw Simple Maze Puzzles…Generate Them!

I love that these mazes have that “I drew this myself” vibe about them.

And I love that this software is so intuitive.

If you watch the video above, I show you where everything is. It’s a very powerful maze publishing tool BUT it’s easy to use which means we can QUICKLY create our books and digital products.

When I used the maze book generator, it took awhile for the software to create the book but it wasn’t long of a wait.

However, I do prefer to compile my interior with the solutions and just download that PPT file so I can work in PowerPoint. {FYI, you can also download your file as a PDF, PNG, or JPG.}

Ready to Create Maze Puzzle Books?

I definitely DO recommend Hand Drawn Mazes. There was the one drawback I mentioned but SO much more I LOVED! I’m confident you’ll be thrilled with being able to create your own maze puzzle books with Hand Drawn Mazes.

🎀 And don’t forget! You can add more puzzle-creation-capabilities to your subscription because this is just the newest release in the suite of Instant Puzzle Generator tools!

Check Out the Hand Drawn Mazes Q&A

I answered some of the questions I received in this Q&A post. The questions I got from you guys were amazing and I hope I answered them well.

You can comment on that post to ask YOUR question OR contact me directly and ask that way.

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