Hand Drawn Mazes Q&A

Hand Drawn Mazes Q&A

I couldn’t believe the positive response you guys had to this week’s Hand Drawn Mazes launch!  I heard lots of “this is so cool!” and “I can’t wait to create books with these mazes!”

I also heard lots of questions though and I decided to answer them here in case you were wondering the same thing. 

If you don’t know, Hand Drawn Mazes was released this week and this online app lets you login and create the COOLEST hand-drawn, roadway style mazes.

You can create entire puzzle books right in the app AND if you upgrade, you can download the PowerPoint files to have even MORE flexibility. 

✅ I wrote a detailed Hand Drawn Mazes review. Check it out!

Get MAXIMUM VALUE! 💥 When you purchase through me, you get my bonus– and I’ve created a unique bonus for EACH LEVEL of the offer.

So let me get to answering some questions you might have…

When does the launch end?

Feb 25th at 11:59 pm EST

On Feb 26. the prices increase:

  • FE changes from $47 to $67
  • OTO1 changes from $67 to $97
  • OTO2 changes from $97 to $147
  • DS2 will be removed from the funnel 
  • OTO3 changes from $67 to $97
  • DS3 will be removed from the funnel 

What are the upsells/OTOs?

Here’s a breakdown of what you get in each upgrade offer:


  • Maze Solution Overlay Technology For Creating Maze Stories
  • Quick Book Creator to Speed Up Production
  • UNLIMITED Puzzle Books Download
  • Download PPTX Files
  • Unlimited Font Color
  • Change Letter and Line Spacing
  • Bulk Clone Maze Page Layouts
  • Convert Your Mazes Into Sellable Printables
  • Unlimited Color Choices – Maze Solutions
  • Global Control for Maze Color
  • Global Control for Solution Color
  • Multiple Solution Path Styles
  • Global Control for Solution Styles
  • Smart Solution Preview technology allows you to flip through more than one possible solutions 


  • 1,000+ Premium Hand Drawn Mazes
    • DS2 – 300+ Premium Hand Drawn Mazes


  • 400 brand new design elements
  • Multiple niche ideas 
    • DS3 – 100 brand new design elements + Multiple niche ideas

What’s Your Bonus?

I created a MASSIVE bonus for Hand Drawn Mazes.

You’ll get access to a brand new training for each level you buy. So if you get the main offer, you get one bonus…

hand drawn mazes bonus for the main offer

For the first upgrade OR downsell, you’ll get this bonus from me…

And for the second upgrade OR downsell, you’ll get this bonus…

The main offer looks great but do I really need more than that? 

It IS great and enough for you to create entire maze books you can download and then publish on KDP, Etsy, Shopify, or your site.

But I absolutely recommend getting ALL levels, if you’re going to be publishing lots of these books and if your business supports the investment. 

Especially the Pro level because that gives you access to PowerPoint downloads!

Is there a learning curve?

A tiny one. The tool comes with very thorough videos showing you how to use the tool. BUT, you can also just “learn by doing” and click around…you’ll figure it all out very quickly. But you do have the videos to support you and give you the full tour of the software. 

Can I save my work and come back to it later?

Unfortunately, no. You do have to create your mazes/books and download them before you close your browser. You can’t save your work, close your browser, then come back to it. 

The good news is that with the right level – Pro – you can download the PowerPoint file and save your work THERE. Plus, there’s loads of customization options. 

Good thing my bonuses show you how easy it is to create maze books in PowerPoint!

Can I create freebies/opt ins?

No. The terms state that you cannot give away what you create. 

Can I create more than just these types of mazes?

This particular launch is only for the ability to create “hand drawn” style mazes. However, this app does have other tools.

Check ’em out:

I use, love, and recommend them ALL!

The mazes overlap. Is that how these are supposed to be?

Yes. Traditional mazes do not overlap and when the path is blocked, that means that’s not the way to go. But these mazes imply a sort of “3D” path and big publishers like Highlights even do these mazes this way.

Here are some examples:

I got the Pro level. Can I create a book with more than 50 pages in the software?

Yes. It may slow the download speed a bit because the images are high quality but there’s no limit to the number of pages you can create. 

This is a big investment for me. Will I make my money back?

I can’t guarantee it, but I do believe that if you take action and publish consistently and keep leveling up your skills and business, you will see sales that’ll match and exceed the cost of HDM.

Follow the process!

But if you’re not sure you’ll use the tool or the cost would be a hardship, just wait.

The price DOES go up after this launch but the tool will still be available as an evergreen offer. Publish some books, make some sales, and reinvest that income in HDM at a later time. 

You can learn more about Hand Drawn Mazes here.

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