Free Vacation Planner Pages with Commercial Use Rights

I’m currently on vacation and I received an email from a new subscriber letting me know that not only did she NOT receive the free offer she subscribed for, but also that she was offended that my first two emails were promotional in nature.

She was immediately unsubscribing after sending her email to me.

I did my part and responded, just in case she got my reply before unsubscribing. I wanted to try and find out why she didn’t get her freebie – did she not get my welcome email?

In the email she was talking about, I did share a personal biz update, but did she miss that? Did she not care about that or see value in it?

In her email, I was told I never sent the password for the thing she actually signed up for {which is sent in my automated welcome email that includes an introduction to me}, didn’t give her a reason to trust me and my sales pitches {again, I DO introduce myself and provide links to several free tutorials and resources on my site}, and was accused of doing the “sketchy, sh*#!y email marketing that makes people wary to give out their email address.”

Admittedly, my feelings were hurt.

And since there’s only so much I can do at this point, I figured I’d work on adding value for you guys.


What came to me was to work up a simple vacation planner template.

During the li’l man’s nap, I got to work.

It’s 5 pages in PowerPoint format and includes:

  • A daily trip planner
  • A 7-day schedule/planner
  • A packing list
  • 2-page 30-day countdown calendar

No signup needed. Just download and start editing.

Usage Rights

By downloading these templates, you agree to the terms of use:

  • Don’t use my name on them and
  • Don’t sell them as templates/PLR with commercial use rights.

Download Your Vacation Planner Templates {PPT format} Here

I’d love to see what you do with them!


Free Vacation Planner Template Pack with Commercial Use Rights - No Signup Required

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