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Erica Stone’s Cluster Madness Blueprint for Low-Content Books?

Cluster Madness Blueprint Review for Low-Content Books

Erica Stone released her newest strategy guide, Cluster Madness Blueprint. This is an affiliate marketing strategy guide that teaches you how to dominate a niche for a specific type of product.

I purchased this the other day because I pretty much buy anything and everything Erica releases, whether I’m going to use it then and there, or not. 🙂

And this eBook didn’t disappoint!

It’s less than $20 at the time of this writing on a dime sale, so the price will continue to increase until it reaches it’s final sale price. Go grab it at a low price while you can.

Cluster Madness Blueprint Review

The Overview

I’m going to do a quick overview and not an in-depth review because the strategy isn’t really for low-content books, but the tutorial for using the FREE Google keyword planner is worth the cost of the book alone.

I used the keyword strategy to uncover over 1,000 keywords related to a low-content book niche in about 2 minutes.

I could use these words as titles, subtitles, keywords in the paperback book data fields, and in the description for my books.

Not to mention using them in my marketing strategy.

The guide is short – only 54 pages – but it’s packed with step-by-step how-to and images that show you exactly what to do.

First, Erica talks about the niches that work well for this strategy and I urge you to pay attention and see if you come up with some journal ideas.

After a brief tutorial on getting a domain name and your website set up, you’re shown how to set up a new Google Adwords account, if you don’t have one.

Erica then teaches you a strategy using this free keyword tool that will help you find niche ideas and keywords to use when publishing your notebooks and journals.

To take it one step further, you can use her cluster strategy to build a cluster of related notebooks and journals, that you can brand and market, if you want.

You’ll also learn a technique for renaming things that you can use for titling and sub-titling your books. I would do this to dominate a niche, to see if I could further narrow my target niche, or just to see if one book title sells better than another.

This was a GREAT buy and I’m delighted I can implement it as part of my low-content publishing business.

By the way, it syncs up PERFECTLY with the Journal Tsunami strategy!

Get My Exclusive Implementation Bonus!

Speaking of implementation, for those who buy this strategy guide through my link, I created an exclusive video showing you how I do my research using this method!

After you buy, send me the receipt/purchase details and I’ll send you the information to get access to the implementation bonus. 

Sound good? 🙂

Have you had much success researching keywords for low-content publishing? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Julie, I bought Cluster Madness Blueprint when it was first released and it is excellent! I’m not in the low content publishing niche, but I started another site using the clustering approach, and I have to say it’s going like silk on glass. Of course, when it comes to Erica Stone’s guides, you will always get your money’s worth and then some!

    1. Hey, Jennifer!

      Love that you’re using this strategy and getting good results! Yes, Erica’s stuff is amazing and I’m a BIG fan. I use pretty much all of her strategies in one way or another. And Cluster Madness is the best tutorial I’ve seen for using Google’s keyword tool to find keywords. Works for websites, works for notebooks! :o)

      ~ Julie

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