There are two parts to a low content book – the interior and the cover. 

If you are choosing the do-it-yourself route {and I think you should!}, you’ll need to get comfortable with essentially creating forms – some as simple as lined pages – and design.

For interiors, you’ll need to be able to create pages of lines, grids, and tables and you’ll want to develop an “eye for design” and layout and this will assist you in cover design.

It all works together!

We’ll talk about outsourcing some of your tasks, as well as tools and resources that can help you achieve the end result you’re looking for. 

This isn’t about churning out books and spamming Amazon’s search result pages. I teach you to take measurable, duplicatable steps to create high-quality, high-value products and a publishing brand that’s bigger than “just Amazon.” 

So settle in and let’s create some awesome low-content products.
Most importantly – have FUN with this! It’s supposed to be fun!