Create Digital Scrapbook Paper – Great for Low Content Books and More

I was surprised to find out how easy it is to create digital scrapbook paper in a program like Photoshop or Affinity Designer – even if you’re not a professional graphic artist.

Once you know how to make digital papers, you can repurpose them in all kinds of ways for low content publishing AND possibly build a new stream of income by selling digital papers and kits.

Another main benefit of creating your own digital paper is that you never again have to worry about commercial use rights or pay for commercial licenses.

You own your work and can use it without limits!

Digital Scrapbooking Pages are Easy to Create

So how easy is it to create digital scrapbook paper designs?

The process is pretty simple:

  • Choose your color scheme
  • Start a project in your design program
  • Add textures and patterns
  • Get creative with graphics and brushes
  • Incorporate overlays
  • Use in your publishing projects or…
  • Package up your papers and list for sale

Maybe you’re thinking that even these steps are overwhelming.

Where do you find ideas for color swatches?

HOW do you add textures, patterns, graphics, and overlays?

If you just don’t know where to begin, this training from my friend Di can REALLY help.

I spoke to one of my group members who bought the course this morning and he’s already started creating unique digital papers – they’re beautiful!

And he’ll use them for new paperbacks to publish on KDP over the next few days.

It’s THAT easy.

What’s really unique about Digital Paper Alchemy is that you’ll learn how to streamline the creative process with SHORTCUTS.

So once you have your foundational designs, you can quickly create new papers.

And there’s even a stealthy trick for outsourcing this work to a VA – without having them need to go through the training!

What Tools You Need for Digital Paper Alchemy

You will need either Photoshop or Affinity Designer.

I know there are free alternatives to programs like these – like Photopea! – and what you learn in this course COULD transfer.

What Is Digital Scrapbook Paper Used for When Publishing Low Content Books?

Typically, digital papers are used for digital scrapbooking.

So what is digital scrapbook paper used for and how can we – as low content publishers – use it?

I primarily use digital papers for my book covers.

I’ve shown how I make covers before.

It’s very simple to take a digital paper and use it as a background, then layer on other elements and text to create attractive journal and planner covers.

But you can also use them in your interiors!

Watch the video below – it’s only about 6 minutes – to see how I quickly create a journal page using digital paper for a low-content interior.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that if your digital paper pattern runs off the page, you MUST remember to set up your document with bleed settings.

Create Free Digital Scrapbook Paper Packs and Build Your Email List

Using your newfound skills, you can also create free digital scrapbook paper packs to build your email list.

You’d simply create your pack and when someone signs up for your email list, they get a welcome email with their free digital scrapbook paper.

The great thing about this strategy is you can build your list with freebies – think about creating MANY free packs and kits – and then promote your premium, fee-based offers to the people on your list.

Let them know when you have a new product for sale in your shop and keep the freebies coming to keep them on your list.

Wrapping Up

If you want to create digital scrapbook paper and use them for your low content covers and interiors, you can definitely do it and it’s probably easier than you think.

And not only can use use the resources you create, but you can sell them or even consider going into the digital scrapbooking niche!

Remember, if you purchase Digital Paper Alchemy through me, my bonus is waiting for you in your member area. 😉

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