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Counting Worksheets Generator with Bonus

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If, like me, you’ve been looking forward to the Counting Worksheets Generator launch, today’s the day!

I got to review this new tool by Niranjan and Bings and they’ve created something very cool for us. 

In fact, I’ve created a MASSIVE BONUS for this when you purchase through my link. 

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What Are Counting Worksheets?

If you’re not familiar with this niche, counting worksheets are activity pages that help kids practice counting, number recognition, and math.

These pages are used for all age levels, starting with preschoolers and while this tool isn’t meant for all ages, it does offer a variety of layouts and challenges for different ages – particularly preschool to early elementary. 

Who’s Looking for Counting Worksheets?

Namely, teachers and parents. 

Teachers will use these in the classroom and parents, whether they homeschool or not, will use these to help their children practice counting skills. 

These worksheets also make for fun boredom-busting activities. 

How Can I Sell Counting Worksheets?

You’d create worksheets and workbooks and sell them on Etsy, Amazon, your own website, or other platforms that allow you to list digital downloads. 

Simple as that!

You could sell individual worksheets, printable packs with many different activity pages, or create a workbook to sell as a paperback on Amazon. 

Counting Worksheets Can Build Your List

I share some MIND-BLOWING info in my bonus about the list-building potential of these worksheets!

And if you look for the signs, you’ll see that there is a major opportunity here.

Counting Worksheets Generator Funnel Breakdown

To get the most out of this tool – and my bonus, for that matter – I do recommend you purchase the FE and first upgrade, which allows you to download worksheets in PPT format.

Main Offer: Counting Worksheets Generator $47

  1. Create counting practice worksheets and workbooks easily
  2. Create complete pages with multiple counting puzzles in a few clicks
  3. Add rows and columns on the fly 
  4. Intuitive point-and-click dashboard for easy handling of the counting puzzles
  5. Premium worksheets where the user counts the objects and writes the number. These look expertly crafted with high-quality illustrations and icons
  6. Worksheets that challenge with a mix of icons and objects 
  7. Counting the items with multiple-choice solutions to be circled
  8. Create missing number worksheets 
  9. Create ten frame worksheets to make learning that much more interactive and effective for the user
  10. Step up the game by putting together skip counting worksheets 
  11. Get access to 50 high-quality built-in icons library 
  12. Difficulty level controls built into the app so you can design your worksheets with complete flexibility
  13. Regeneration option allows you to change counting problems on the fly
  14. Easily control the range of the numbers used in the worksheets to enable your worksheets to be used by kids of various grades.
  15. Use the 1-CLICK page clone option to create a brand new page with new counting problems while retaining the formatting used in the master page
  16. Easy shuffle option allows you to move pages around in order to change the sequence of the page in the manuscript
  17. Choose from multiple trim sizes based on your book needs
  18. Multiple page numbering styles for enhanced flexibility in page design
  19. Show and hide margins for KDP compatible layout designs
  20. Smart Solution Connect technology automagically creates and connects solutions for the counting math problems on the fly
  21. Show and hide solution option makes it super simple to preview solutions on active page
  22. Optimized layout for solution pages so you can minimize your production cost
  23. Add titles, descriptions and instructions using the super flexible drag and drop text editor
  24. 900+ font options to choose from
  25. Download a single counting worksheet or a whole practice workbook in 1-CLICK
  26. Download files in multiple formats including PDF, PNG and JPG
  27. Import files to Affinity, Photoshop, Illustrator, Powerpoint and Canva easily.
  28. Work at any zoom level.
  29. Fit to screen
  30. Fill the page
  31. Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V for custom objects (basically all items on the page).
  32. Transient Saves – Do not lose your work
  33. Snap to grid at the page level (left and right margins, center, top and bottom)
  34. Snap to grid for elements on the page
  35. Detailed training included
  36. Up to 100 downloads per month
  37. A dedicated support team that simply put, cares about your success
  38. Commercial use rights
  39. Users can upload up to 10 icons every upload and use them in their worksheets
  40. Toggle uniform size options which allows the users to streamline the size of icons in a worksheet so they look good and of uniform size. This is a 1-CLICK affair!
  41. The nifty feature to introduce questions right on to the worksheets at the click of a button.
  42. Create count and color worksheets where images are provided, a number is given and the kid is supposed to read the number, count and equal number of images and then color them.
  43. Create number ordering worksheets with before, after and in between problems
  44. Create Block counting worksheets with the ability to rotate the blocks to change the camera angle. These stunning worksheets would help your books stand out!

Upgrade 1: Counting Worksheets Generator PRO $67

  1. Unlimited downloads per month
  2. Option to download the Powerpoint (PPTX) source files for future use
  3. Unlimited color palette options for the text blocks
  4. Easy image upload functionality allows you to upload your own images
  5. High-quality counting worksheets based on number lines
  6. Premium skip counting worksheets based on number lines
  7. Create counting skip word problem worksheets 
  8. Advanced design features for answer blocks let you introduce blank space, lines and boxes for the kids to write the answers in
  9. Ability to customize the answer blocks even further by providing boxes with solid lines, dotted lines and dashed lines
  10. Bulk clone option lets you choose a master file and then create multiple pages from that in just 3-CLICKS
  11. Bulk delete option lets you clear your entire canvas in one swift click of the mouse
  12. Bulk shuffle option lets you shuffle all your pages in one go
  13. Commercial use rights

Upgrade 2: Counting Worksheets Generator PREMIUM $97

  1. 100 artistic layouts for premium worksheets – 50 delivered instantly and rights to the remaining 50 to be delivered over the next 90 days
  2. Commercial use rights

Upgrade 3: Counting Worksheets Generator ELITE ($67 @ 50% Commission)

  1. 500 illustrations to be used directly in the canvas 
  2. 500 icons to be used inside of the counting components

My Bonus for Counting Worksheets Generator

I’ve created a MASSIVE bonus for Counting Worksheets Generator!

When you purchase through my link, you’ll get immediate access to this private bonus pack in your purchase area!

My bonus pack includes:

  • Counting Worksheets Generator QUICK START! This “cheat sheet” will have you creating worksheets in minutes. This is a handy checklist you can refer back to until you have the process memorized. 
  • Private Niche Research Tutorial. You’ll get insider information about this niche including top BUYER KEYWORDS that can help you target your products AND your marketing!
  • Keyword Research Tutorial and 250 Seed Keywords! We’ll spend some time doing keyword research to help you discover what kind of products buyers are searching for AND what kind of keywords competitors are using. I’ve also created a list of 250 keywords and phrases you can use for product creation, titles, listings, and more.
  • I show you where you can find cool stuff to add to your products to help them stand out and represent YOUR brand.
  • I’ll teach you how to create your own unique counting worksheets right inside PowerPoint. These layouts can be used to supplement what you create with Counting Worksheets Generator OR be used as individual products themselves! You won’t believe how fast and easy it is to do what I show you. 
  • You’ll receive a list of 50 simple word problems you can use to create your products and I’ve included a tutorial for creating your own counting word problems LIGHTNING FAST with A.I. 
  • You know those pages I show you how to create? You get the source file to these counting worksheet templates with commercial use rights!

What I’ve created here could be its own separate low-content publishing course!

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