Could “Learn How to Draw” Books be Your Next Low Content Niche?

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I don’t just publish low content books, I use them! And one type of book I’ve been absolutely fascinated with lately is those “learn how to draw” books.

They’ve been around forEVER. You remember these from when you were a kid, right? I know I was a huge fan back then. {Not that it was that long ago.}

Now, as a grown-up pursuing a passion for drawing I’d long-thought forgotten, I’m having a good ol’ time using this “new crop” of learn-to-draw books.

And wasn’t it a happy li’l surprise that MANY of the books I was buying just happened to be LOW CONTENT BOOKS? Yes, really!

The listing for several of these books listed the publisher as “independently published.” And when I received these books, sure enough, there was very little text and the last page had the telltale printer info.

That tells me people just like us are creating and selling “how to draw” books. But can the amateur artist/average low content publisher do this?

Can we publish how-to-draw books simply, easily, and without a lot of fuss? Is there even a demand for these types of books?

Is There a Market for “Learn How to Draw Books?”

Are People Searching Google?

I did a very quick keyword search and yes, there’s definitely profit potential here.

Looking in Jaaxy, average monthly searches are pretty good, it’s all “green lights”, and the QSR for these results are mostly low {certainly winnable numbers, anyway.}

list of keywords and search phrases for learn to draw books from jaaxy

Taking my search directly to Google, we can see that, YES, people are searching for this kind of product.

trying out the "alphabet soup" method of keyword research for how to draw books

Are People Searching and BUYING on Amazon?

Now let’s take this initial research to Amazon and see if people are searching for – and buying – these types of books.

I took a shortcut and used Publisher Rocket to start my search.

Yes, this niche is competitive, but that just means there’s money to be made and you’ll need to carve out your piece of the profit pie.

But look at everything else!

Price point is good.

Monthly earnings are GOOD.

Searches per month are good!

And look what happens when you start to dig a little deeper and mine for those underserved markets:

“Learn how to draw cartoon animals” gets lots of monthly searches and the competition score is WAY lower.

I’m seeing even more potential now!

Can I Create Drawing Books if I Can’t Draw?

“But Julie, what if I can’t draw? What if I’m not a graphic designer?”

You don’t have to be a graphic artist or good at drawing!

A new tool is about to be released and it’s from the team of publishers behind Instant Puzzle Generator, Hand Drawn Mazes Generator, and MORE.

I’ve had the pleasure of being a beta tester AND getting early review access. I’ve watched this new tool evolve into something that is going to be GAME-CHANGING for low content publishing.

Cool Tool Alert! 🚨 How to Draw Books Generator

This new cool tool I’m talking about is called the How to Draw Books Generator.

This cloud-based app is going to open up an incredible niche for publishers to be able to create “learn to draw” books without needing to have expert design skills, without having to know how to draw!

IMPORTANT: How to Draw Books Generator will be available 3/31/23.

My MEGA BONUS PACK for How to Draw Books Generator

Yes, my bonus for How to Draw Books Generator is a MEGA BONUS PACK!

You’re going to get access to a secret “bonus pack hub” where you can login and access all kinds of goodies that pack in even MORE value for this product AND help you get the most out of it.

Want a sneak peek?

Note: this may change before it’s all finished!

The bonus pack will include:

  • A cheat sheet covering helpful steps and reminders to save you time
  • A niche research lesson for these books
  • Recommendations for – and demonstrations of – cool stuff you can add to your books
  • Demonstrations of how to design creative layouts
  • DFY BONUS PAGE {PLR} you can use to supplement your how-to-draw pages
  • A nice, BIG list of keywords for the “how to draw books niche” AND a lesson in doing your own keyword research

You’ll be able to access your bonus pack hub imediately after your purchase!

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