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Monday, June 24th - June 30th 2024


Hi Affiliates!

Julie Coffman here and I'm so excited to share my newest low-content event, Camp Wannapublish...it's a VIRTUAL SUMMER CAMP for low-content publishers!

At Camp Wannapublish, your audience isn't just signing up for a course – they're getting an EXPERIENCE and joining a vibrant community of creative souls!

We've got workshops, fun activities, and expert guidance to help your readers turn their creative ideas into profitable digital products, all while having a blast. 🚀

Think of it as a summer camp for the creative, entrepreneurial spirit, where campers can connect with like-minded folks and learn in a fun and supportive environment...all from the comfort of home {or wherever they want to be.}

I've got exclusive content, downloadable resources, and prompts to spark creativity and practical tips and techniques to help publishers overcome procrastination {we get stuff DONE in my programs!}

Plus for EVEN MORE FUN, we've got campfire chats, movie nights, challenges, and giveaways to keep things exciting!

So, if you're pumped to promote a unique and enriching experience that goes beyond the ordinary,
Camp Wannapublish is where it's at! 

By promoting, you'll be offering a valuable resource that can transform passionate hobbyists into successful publishers {and trust me, your people are going to LOVE this.}

As an affiliate partner, you'll earn 40% commission.

Your network of aspiring publishers and creative entrepreneurs will thank you for the opportunity to accelerate their success, and you'll enjoy a lucrative reward for your referrals. 

Join me in spreading the magic of Camp Wannapublish!

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This contest is based on the total revenue and runs from 12AM ET on June 24th to 11:59PM on June 30th.

Prizes for top 3 affiliates

Your Audience Will LOVE This Program! Here's What People Have to Say About My Programs...

"This challenge took my graphics and research skills up another notch. Highly recommend!"

"I thought the course was excellent and I learned a lot. Highly recommend!"

"I don't usually do challenges- especially not paid ones - because I quickly lose interest. I didn't miss a day on this one! If you get a chance to take this challenge - do it!"

"Julie is VERY approachable and real. Any opportunity to learn from her should be grasped since her teaching style is readily available for both the beginner and challenging for the more advanced publisher. She is very creative and thoughtful about how she approaches book designing and passes on the creativity in a way that the student can really take what they learn and run with it."

"This 2-week challenge got me looking at low content books from a new and improved angle. Julie training style is relaxed and inviting...make for a sharing and helping environment with the group. I looked forward to opening the emails everyday. Thank you."

"I would definitely recommend this course to others. Amazing step by step tutorials that are great for newbies and those tech challenged. Well worth the cost of the course."

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Subject: Virtual Summer Camp for Low-Content Publishers! ✨

Hey [First Name],

I've got something special that I just couldn't wait to share with you! It's a gem for anyone who's ever dreamed of creating something that resonates with a community they love – and making some extra income while they're at it.

My girl, Julie, just released something REALLY good...it's called Camp Wannapublish and this is a one-of-a-kind offer! If you're scratching your head wondering what Camp Wannapublish is, picture summer camp - fun activities, campfire stories, and making memories - with a "low-content biz" spin.

You'll take your publishing game to the next level with creative low-content product ideas, page layouts, design and publishing techniques, & tutorials.

What's different about this is that you get the summer camp vibe with exclusive content and personalized support all meant to help you have FUN publishing and profiting from low-content products like planners, journals, notebooks, and workbooks.

This is also a REAL-TIME experience!

Julie is creating and publishing a brand-new low-content product and leading you through the process so you can overcome procrastination, bust through productivity blocks, and get 👏🏻 that 👏🏻 product 👏🏻 DONE! 👏🏻

Ready to secure your spot? Click here [Insert Affiliate Link] to learn more and get started.

Sincerely, [Sign Off]

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