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Bundle Affiliates

The Publishing Productivity & Profits Bundle will be sold through Warrior+. We would love to have you become an affiliate!

Important Dates:

  • Bundle Sales Period: February 1-7, 2021
  • Downloads Available Through: April 7, 2021

Payments will be sent by March 10th50% commission on bundle purchases through your unique link. 

We’re keeping it easy for you to promote by giving you emails, social media swipes and graphics for you to use to promote the bundle to your community. Please feel free to edit the texts with your voice and with information you know your readers would like to hear more about.


>>> Sign Up to Become An Affiliate Here


*Please note you are unable to make personal purchases through your own link for commissions.

List of 30 contributors as of 2/1/21. We are at a total of $1253.91!

Publish Low Content Books – Your 2021 Low Content Publishing Success Plan value $77;

Publish Low Content Books – $50 gift card value $50;

Simply Couture Designs – Goal Setting Productivity Planner Template value $37;

Amy Harrop – Bonus Boost value $27;

Carlene Kelsey Web Solutions, LLC – Women’s Productivity Workbook, Checklist, and Planner value $47;

Publish with Ashley – Advertising Bootcamp: Learn Amazon Ads for Books value $49;

A Cup of Zen LLC – The Unstoppable Mindset Journal for Entrepreneurs value $27;

Dazzling Digitals Co – Shabby Chic Frames Bundle value $37;

Color My Journals – Thru the Seasons Weekly Planner value $24.95;

Planner Creators PLR – Vintage Backgrounds and Journaling Pages value $27;

Createful Journals – Spring Lifestyle Printables value $24.95;

The Happy Journals Club – Happiness PLR Booster Pack value $27;

PLR Beach – Tropical Productivity Planner value $37;

Fruitful Freelancing – Low Content Intel Journal Report Q1 2021 value $37;

Content Accelerators – Affinity Planner Bundle value $24;

Katherine E. Soto – Author – How to Build and Author Platform value $20

Think Digital Publishing – Coloring Book Mastery value $37;

PLR Planners – mellow Yellow 2022 PowerPoint Weekly Planner value $47;

The Planner Nerd – Digital Sticky Note Pack value $17.99;

SylverZone Printables – Bordering on Zen value $40.52;

Color Monthly PLR – Colorado Bucket List Coloring Pages value $50.50;

PLR Niche – Garden Fresh Planner PLR value $27;

Simple Happiness Biz – Mermaid Birthday Calendar value $17;

Michelle Brubaker – Book Publishers Time Machine value $27;

DFY COLORS – Farm Animals Coloring Pack value $47;

Val Selby – Get Biz Done group coaching experience value $97

Niranjan Pradhan – Simple Color By Number value $27;

Piggy Makes Bank – BIG Blogging Bundle value $175;

Busy Bee Content – DFY PLR Product: Ocean Planner & Ocean Calendar value $27;

UsePLR – Create Fast Info Products Using PLR value $27

A Total Value of $1253.91



Affiliate Swipes for Bundle

Email Swipes


SUBJECT: PLR, low content & self-publishing, WOWZA

Hello, friend!

Self-publishing and low content is been all the rage, but do you know how to leverage it?

Julie Coffman has brought together business owners in the PLR, low content, and self-publishing niches for the Publishing Productivity & Profits Bundle Sale that starts today! It’s filled with 22+ PLR, commercial use products and personal use workshops to sell or learn how to improve your business.

Of course you want to know how this bundle will help YOUR business? Simply put, the work has already been done by talented designers and all you have to do is edit the planners, coloring pages, and other templates available in the bundle with your brand. You could never have any of these gorgeous products created for you personally for such a low price.

Check out all the offerings here…


How does a bundle work, you ask? You pay the one-time price of $27 to gain access to EVERY PRODUCT and WORKSHOP offered in this bundle!

Simply follow the links to the products you want, enter your email address with each vendor, and then download the product. Super simple is the name of the game!

Keep in mind, the bundle sale ENDS on February 7th, but you’ll have until April 7th, 2021 to download your goodies from each vendor.


Let’s look towards spring and the new products you could be adding to your business immediately!


P.S. I highly recommend you only download those products which you’ll use so they don’t collect virtual dust bunnies hiding on your hard drive!


SUBJECT: Last DAYS…bundle sale ends tomorrow

Hello, my friend!

If you haven’t made the time to check out the Publishing Productivity & Profits bundle, NOW is the time to do so before the sale ends on February 7th. That is tomorrow!

Julie has bundles products and workshops from highly talented designers, PLR providers, and coaches in the market. Each one has provided high-quality content that you can use for yourself or in your business. There are over 22 participants in the sale and each of their products is incredibly unique. True creativity you can put to work right away!

Take the next 10 minutes and follow these steps:

1. Check out the bundle’s offerings here [AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

2. If you see 1 or 22 things you want, BUY the bundle for only $27!

3. Go to the access page and follow each product’s link to gain access to their product or workshop.

4. Watch your products flood your inbox!

You’ll notice that if you were to purchase each of these items separately, your cost would be hundreds of dollars. How can you pass up a one-time cost of only $27?


I do encourage you to hurry, though…don’t let analysis paralysis get in your way because the sale ends on February 7th.

Happy Shopping!


P.S. Please be aware that some of the workshops and trainings are for personal use only.

Social Media Swipes


Need some fresh ideas to take your shop into spring? Check out the planners, printables + coloring pages in the Publishing Productivity & Profits bundle! The work is done; just edit + add your logo. Your community will thank you! [AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

Want to gain some extra time in your day? Check out all the done-for-you content options in the Publishing Productivity & Profits bundle! Dozens of templates, coloring pages + planners all for the low price of $27. One price = dozens of products. [AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

Last call for the Publishing Productivity & Profits bundle!  Over 22 talented participants are offering printables, coloring pages + workshops to grow your business. Use as they come or add your own branding elements. The sale ends 2/7! [AFFILIATE LINK HERE]


Are you looking to freshen up your printables shop for spring? I have a solution for you…done-for-you content from the Publishing Productivity & Profits bundle! Don’t hire your own designer to create content, instead, Julie has over 20 talented business owners who are offering their products as part of this bundle. A one-time fee of $27 gives you ALL of these products! Edit them, brand them, offer them to your audience, or save for personal use. Done-for-you content saves a tremendous amount of time, stress, and money! Check out the sale today. [AFFILIATE LINK HERE]

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, you need to offer your audience unique content. But hiring a ghostwriter or designer can be expensive, right? The next best option is to purchase done-for-you content, like the items offered at the Publishing Productivity & Profits bundle. Pick and choose from planners, coloring pages & templates that can be branded and edited to suit your market. Then join the workshops offered to take your business to the next level. Hurry over to check out the offers because the sale ends soon. [AFFILIATE LINK HERE]



Images for Pinterest

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