When I started learning to publish low content books I felt like I had come alive again. Sure, there was a learning curve, but even with that and some setbacks, the excitement and joy I felt from creating notebooks and journals was thrilling, to say the least.

With each new discovery and every new skill I learned, I felt more confident in what I was creating and sharing. And most importantly, I was having a LOT of FUN!

Oh, and that first sale to a complete stranger…it was like winning a lottery jackpot!

On this site, I have plans for sharing about my personal journey publishing low-content and no-content books with KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). I hope to inspire and educate as I share tips and techniques for creating these types of books.

I also hope you’ll consider this site and related resources a sort of “community center” – leave some comments, connect with me, and let’s build our businesses together! You can also contact me directly.