10 Printable Products You Can Create Today

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Sometimes speed is the name of the game. Sometimes you’re stuck for ideas. Maybe you’re just getting started.

Whatever brought you here today, I thought I’d share 10 printable product ideas that you could create, list, and start selling TODAY.

Sound good? Let’s get to it!

1. Create and Sell Printable Planners and Calendars

Probably the most popular printable product is the planner or calendar.

Just about everyone needs a calendar and some prefer to improve their productivity, get clear on their goals, and plan their lives with more detailed planners.

It’s quick and easy to create printable products like:

  • daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planners
  • to-do lists, checklists, goal planners, and appointment trackers
  • health and fitness planners
  • travel planners
  • business planners
  • wedding planners

…and more.

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2. Cash in with Coloring Pages and Books

I personally love creating printable coloring pages {and books!} and they can be pretty addictive once you get started.

2022 Q4 Focus Coloring and Activity Book Profits Challenge

The two main markets for printable coloring products are:

  1. Adults
  2. Children

From there, you can target specific niches – topics, themes, mashups, etc. – that will appeal to colorists in each audience.

You can also create related books like activity books and workbooks.

Or even incorporate coloring elements in other printable products like planners and journals.

And you don’t have to be an artist or digital graphics wizard to create these books. You can use commercial use resources and simple tools that enable you to create high-quality coloring and activity books.

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3. Help People Through a Process with Workbooks and Worksheets

These are some of my FAVORITE printables to create and you can create them for ANY niche!

So if you have a blog, you can probably add in a new stream of income by creating a worksheet or printable workbook and offering it for sale.

There are so many ways you can approach creating these – just think about helping people get from “A” to “B.” In other words, you’re leading them through some kind of process and maybe you want to keep it all on one sheet – like I show you in my One-Pagers workshop – or you want to create more of a system with multiple pages for users to work through.

4. Popular Printable Checklists

Checklists are another type of worksheet you can sell as a printable but the process behind using them is much more simple.

Checklists can be basic to-do lists OR you can simplify a more complicated process and help people work through something quicker.

PLUS, you kind of “gamify” something when you add in the element of checking things off, which is oh, so satisfying!

Checklists also make great products for adding value so think about how you can use them in your biz. Maybe offer checklists as a bonus for your products or ones you promote as an affiliate.

Or offer free printable checklists for people who sign up for your newsletter or join your community.

Lots of possibilities. 😊

5. Decor and More! Wall Art and Posters

Have you tried creating printable decor like wall art and posters?

Not too long ago, nursery and baby prints were popular but there are all kinds of niches you can pursue.

How about classroom decor?

6. Help Buyers Show They Care with Stationery and Greeting Cards

Personally, I think that the more time we spend connecting with others digitally, the more special offline communication becomes.

So items like personalized stationery and greeting cards could be something very lucrative for you.

Some examples of printable stationery and greeting cards include:

  • Journal pages
  • Blank pages featuring decorative frames
  • Envelopes

And you could level up your products by offering sets – Journal pages paired with envelopes, for example.

7. Don’t Forget the Little Ones! Create Printables for Kids

If you already have an online biz or blog in the “kid” niche, then printables for kids might be right up your alley!

This could also be the niche for you if you’re looking for an online business niche to get into.

There are LOADS of low-content printable products you could create for kids of all ages and stages.

One top kids’ niche, in particular, is educational printables.

8. Profitable Party Printables

Maybe the “party” niche is your focus. Why not create party printables? There are plenty of types of party products that sell well and buyers don’t mind downloading these to print off and reuse when they want.

Think about creating printable:

  • invitations
  • decorations
  • games
  • favors
  • menus
  • planning pages
  • checklists

You can learn all about this fun niche as well as how to create easy party printables here!

9. Printable Labels and Tags for Home, Office, and Crafting

Printable labels and tags are a fun and practical product that buyers use for home AND office.

They can be used to organize everything from pantry items to office supplies, and can be customized with many styles and themes. It’s not always about functional products, either – many of the products you’ll see for sale are purely decorative.

In an afternoon, you could very quickly create:

  • pantry labels
  • file folder labels
  • gift tags
  • address labels
  • mason jar labels
  • wine bottle labels

10. Printable Budget Planners and Trackers

Think about why people buy printable products…it’s because they put pen to paper to track and plan things out. So ask yourself what YOU track.

Budget and finances, maybe?

How about habits?

Do you track meals or activities?

Many people want a handy resource they can print and reuse so they can plan their budget or keep track of things.

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Important Next Steps for Speedy Printable Profits

One thing I’ve learned is that taking action is key, so don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis…create something and offer it for sale. That’s truly the only way to know if something will actually sell.

Now that you have 10 printable products you can create today, it’s time to get to work!

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